Friday, October 9, 2015

Obsessing over Buttercup!

This is one thing you must know about me. I am a cat lady! I am so crazy over cat, you have no idea. Like when all the girls are putting the poster of boybands, I'd put the poster of cats. And I think my craze over cat is getting worsen by age. 
I can't remember the stage of my life, I wasn't surrounded by cat. Now, yes. since I got married, I never have cats by my side like I used to when I grow up. It's cause, apparently, 'A' is medically allergic to cat. Irony is it??
So, thank you instagram, every night I will stalk cats photos while 'A' next to me stalked pictures of cars. That's the closest thing that can give me some sort of relieved like petting a cat had given me all my life. It's very hard to put in words, but petting a cat and playing with them has a very strong therapeutic effect on me. I didn't realized that before of course until, I lose the chance to live with them anymore.

Among many cats I stalk, my absolute favorite at the moment is Buttercup!

Meet Buttercup :') Awww....whenever I don't have a good feeling, I will stalk Buttercup. Looking at her photo warms my heart :)

I just want to buried my face on her chest. I mean, if I can find the chest.

If one day, there are permanent cure for cat allergy, I would want my own Buttercup!


  1. Siberian cats are hypoallergenic;)

    1. oh yeke Sab. I didn't know that. Will study more but I love cat mcm buttercup :)



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