Thursday, March 17, 2016


It's been two days I've been craving ika-pea (squid-flavored peanuts). But, the one that I like is from Daiso. I didn't have time to go or have any encounter with Daiso, so, I told myself to be patient a bit until we can find the opportunity to get some.

Yesterday, a miracle happened.
'A' arrived home much earlier than me. And I didn't even home late. So, imagine how early he was.
So, after I cooked and had our dinner, I asked him to go buy me some ika-pea given that how young they night still is. I didn't think I was too much as I rarely asked him to fulfill my pregnancy cravings.
He said he will go buy me some but he wanted to watch the TV first. 
I was so excited, I could feel crunchiness of the ika-pea in my mouth already.

Then, he fell asleep. The thing with me is, I never would wake him up when I know he was tired from work just to ask him to buy me snacks. I know we are entitled to do so as a wife, pregnant and all. But, I never had the heart. Then I tell myself, "it's ok, the night is still young. He has two hours before the shop close". But, to my disappointment, he slept until late that night that I need to wake him up for Isya'. 

When he wake up, he realized that it's already midnight and his face was filled with guilt. I was controlling myself from crying for not be able to taste the salty and crunchy and addictive ika-pea that I was expecting to finally have it a few hours before. But he's lucky I didn't let my emotion took over my sanity. I know there'll be tomorrow and ika-pea is not worth a fight or emotional disturbance on my part. 

So, I just go to sleep with a plan to stop by Daiso on the way to work tomorrow. 

Because 'A' has already slept for hours, he stayed up that night. But, at 1am I was awaken by pain felt like the period cramp. I thought I was dreaming, but when I open my eyes I realized the pain is real and made me remember the dreadful monthly routine that I had to endure pre-pregnancy. While dealing with the pain, I heard 'A''s movement around the house. Then, at 2, he went out. I think he went out for about 20 minutes. I guessed he might do something with the car or he was fetching his bicycle which he left it at his office that evening. 

Then, morning came. On the dining table I saw packs and packs of variety of nuts from 7-Eleven. Then I know where he went to at 2am that morning :) There's no ika-pea
among the loots though. Coz 7E does not sell ika-pea. But, I still touched by his gesture :) 

Thank you, sayang :') 

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