Thursday, March 10, 2016

Aiskrim Biru

Before I got married and move to Japan, I can swear to you I maybe eat ice cream in a frequency of em..3 times a year. The most I think. When I feel like eating ice-cream, I'll look for the high-end ones la because I rarely had them, right? 

Call it fate, I got married to 'A' who eats ice cream like they are staple food. OMG! Really!
The first few days being married to him, I was shocked how he can eat ice cream so much at a time. Despite of witnessing this bizarre (to me) talent of him, my likes towards ice cream still did not improved. So, this is one thing about married couple completing each other. One is an extreme ice cream consumer, and another is just so repulsive. It's good that we are now living in Japan. I think their sweets; i.e. ice cream, chocolates, are less sugary than ours in Malaysia. However, this opinion of mine still needs some back ups as I don't know whether that really is caused by the content itself or  it's actually the palate given that the weathers are different. 

Selection of supermarket ice creams in Japan is so banyak! Banyak sangat! haha. Really. 
From the simplest ones like matcha and red beans on stick to some complicated ones which consist of layers of fruits and chocolates. Among them, 'A''s favorite is this one simple stick ice cream which consisted of vanilla ice cream coated with blue soda, which I always call 'eskem biru'. 

I remember I told him, "Among so many ice creams I see you eat, I hate this eskem biru. It's like so boring!Like tak ada makna." followed by me ranting about how he should choose ice cream (coming from some one who doesn't eat ice cream, I know).

It's funny how the universe works some times. Now that I'm carrying his baby, my appetite has completely transformed to 'A''s! Currently, I'm the one who stock up 'eskem biru'. Sometimes he doesn't even know that we have it in the house. A few times I was woken up by dreaming of eating eskem biru. So, I will go to the fridge and eat one. Yeah, that's how my addiction with eskem biru was, up until a few days ago that I got busted eating too much ice cream. The nurse who took care of my well being asked me to stop eating ice cream, snacks and cut my fruit intake *cries a river*. I think I was in my worst mood for two days due to withdrawal. I really suffered a lot for one, there are still plenty of eskem biru in the freezer and two, 'A''s chomping sound while eating the eskem biru is the new sound of nail screeching on the chalkboard to me. Suddenly the sounds of he's licking and sucking the ice cream is amplified for 100x. I really am going crazy that time, which was just a few days ago. 

By the way, due to rapid weight gain I'm having for these few weeks (only), I was strictly advised to stop taking all kinds of snacks, sweets or salty. I was so depressed leaving the hospital on that particular day thinking about my 'eskem biru' that I just stocked up that morning. I could imagine the smell and the joy it brought when I had them while watching Pawn Stars. sigh... Goodbye 'eskem biru' for now (3 months at least >,<).

This is the legendary 'eskem biru' that is now haunting me..I almost put a box in my shopping basket just now. Amazed at my own self-control which honestly, barely exist.

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