Friday, March 11, 2016

Maternity photoshoot

I don't really have photos of my pregnant self by months or weeks like many others do especially when it's their first pregnancy. I don't know if I will ever regret that, I don't really know. But, I don't really have those. I took photos occasionally like days I wasn't pregnant. Like, when I meet people, on special occasion, etc. for the purpose of not recording my pregnant self. You know what I mean?

Family and friends, they did asked for the photos of me, pregnant. Maybe this is my first time and everyone is curious how this so-petite body can carry a child. hehe. So, I tried to selfie myself in front of the mirror, but I failed most of the time. After some training with my friend who is so good at taking pregnancy selfie, I managed to snap one or two but not suitable to share as I was wearing pyjama. lol xp. 

Then suddenly I'm at my third trimester and realized we have no proper photos or memorabilia of our pregnancy. I would probably don't think it as a big matter now, but I'm afraid I might regret it later. Who knows I wouldn't be given another (nauzubillah minzalik). I told my friend here that I don't have a single nice photo of me pregnant and she thinks I should take a few. She even went to the studio for it. 

I told 'A' about my concern of us lacking pregnancy memorabilia. He's a guy, so of course he doesn't really know that it's a thing. But, he's fond of the idea and strongly think that we need that. Despite of my concern, I was so lazy to drag myself into doing this photoshoot. haha. I don't know why. 

This one Saturday, suddenly the weather was so nice that we can ditch those heavy winter coat and roam happily in the Japanese garden which happened to exist only 2 minutes away from our home. After much contemplation, 'A' finally succeeded to take me out of the house and finally getting our decent shoots as the first time parents :) 

We often just pass by the garden, but this time we finally had the reason to stop by and enjoy every inch of the garden. So, from here you know that we didn't use any professional photographer. All tripod-assisted shoots. So jimat!


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