Saturday, October 29, 2016


October..has to be my favorite month. 
For a bias reason, I was born in October. Not just that, the love of my life also was born in this month..also, his beautiful mother. 

As I gets older, I noticed that time gone by too fast. Everyday I promised myself for a better tomorrow, but again and again I found myself failed to use the time wisely. I found I missed so many great memories and the chance to make one. Do you know who is the culprit behind it? The demon call 'lazy'. Even at this age, I still lose in the war againts laziness. Astaghfirullahaladzim.. For this reason too, I shall not forgetting to leave the memories of the day my 'A' turned 32.

The spread of that day. It will always be a simple celebration as long as we live abroad like this. But still it is not the reason we are not celebrating the milestone in life, especially the day you turn older and healthy.
After 5 years celebrating birthdays only with 2 of us, this year we managed to 'invite' a VVIlittleP to memeriahkan majlis.

I thank Allah s.w.t for his health, his rizq that we can share together and above all, to be fated to be married to him. I have always lost for words if it came to making speech for this man. I hope he knows how much Lily and me loves him and want nothing more than his well-being and many good returns for the good man he has been.

Happy birthday 'A'. 

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  1. expression muka Lily tu....comel betul. macam "sampai hati mommy daddy amik pic peluk2 tinggalkn lily"



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