Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fighting stretch marks


I have been postponing writing about this topic until I can really say that I managed to avoid stretch marks during my 9 months pregnancy. For that alhamdulillah..

This is my not-so-secret potion to my no-stretchmark pregnancy..

Weleda stretch mark oil..
In total, I used up about 4 bottles of this. I started to apply the oil religiously when I enter the third months. I need to mention that my pregnancy happened during the dry season; from autumn to winter to spring. So, imagine the itchiness if the skin at that area became dry. So, to those of you mommies looking for any means to fight stretch marks, maybe you can consider trying Weleda :) 

Remember, there is no remedy for stretch marks once they appear. What we can do then was just improve the appearance and..make peace with it. So, it is very crucial to avoid them at the first place. Till then, good luck!

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