Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Manual to Demam while on holiday

That's me on the start of 2013 *gamba dah delete sebab takde watermark😝*.

We were in Tokyo.
The plan was to reminisce the beginning of 2010. Oh..what a colorful year, 2010 has been 😍
But turned out I caught demam!!It was worse the middle of winter. So, if in M'sia when you demam also you dah pakai sweater, let alone la demam in the midst of this weather and you insisted not to surrender to the demam!
I forced myself to go out and about, immerse myself in the supposedly crowded city of Tokyo.
Pelik..Tokyo lengang!It's like KL during hari raya and CNY👯
When the day started to dark, I was in the most cronic condition, I couldn't even stand. I was like half-awake (accroding to husband).
The last thing I remember, we board a train home.
Then, I vaguely remember husband was 'ransacking' our friend's house (where we stayed during the holiday. They were on holiday themselves, out of the country).
Finally he managed to find panadol!
I was half awake but I remember I cried looking at him being so worried like that and tried whatever he knows to get my temperature down (given how limited his knowledge in biology is😅).
It was difficult on that day to even think to get ubat from kedai. Japan isn't like M'sia where you can easily get drugs in the middle of the night. Even in M'sia pon it won't be easy to get drugs on a major public holiday, NIGHT!
In half awake, I told him how grateful I am for this marriage, then pengsan😴
At 3, I already jumping around asking for nasi dgn sup (i did being hyper I remember). haha,,nasib baik the maid was so nice already prepare food for us😎
So, we eat and watched TV until the sun is up..😊

Pastu esok bangun (lambat) I decided to just go home.
I don't know. The shopping urges just wasn't there!Thank God?😄

What a turn off. You know I have so many activities in the list to do in Tokyo.
Like watch sumo live. Go the the fishmarket sebelum suboh and see how the bid went.
Things that I couldn't see in other country. Ok, maybe the fishmarket I can see in M'sia. But I'm sure no one in M'sia would cut the fish that are still struggling for oxygen in front of your eyes and put the slice on top of a ball of rice to make sushi!
And the sumo? How sengal I could be, which sumo fighter tak cuti on new year😩
So, in conclusion, do not expect people would want to entertain you during new year's break.
Especially for country with scarce number of public holiday😓
Even some kedai not open at all on Jan 1st😩
Now, when will I be able to see sumo😒and see some fish got sold and eaten, uncook?😩

Neverteless, we managed to do some from the verrryyy long list. yea..i also put there city cycling..and I was very much aware how cold it would be😂 of course husband just ignore that line in the list😤

Kan always save the best for last? So, just before we get onto the highway to leave Tokyo, we stopped by the already siap SkyTree. Japan newest proud and joy!😂
We arrived there just nice when the people are staring up..waiting for lights up.

Memang agak payahla ye nk nangkap gamba kalo dah dekat bawah die je..tower gini kene ambil gamba dari jauh juga cantik kan?😳
Er...takde watermark ni.gamba burok gini kalau ada yang curi juga memang sengal laaaa..

Yea..this post is so not related with the title😅


  1. mcm biskut la blog nie. kejap ada, kejap xde hehehe

  2. Wahh masuk tgk sumo pun mahai tu uols selalu full house taw
    Nnt turun Tokyo roger la ai ngeee

  3. belila seat murah xp
    roger u?awat?nk open table ka?✌



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