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HongKong: Scouting for a stay

HK: Stay

I should warn you, the potential HK travellers out there, who aren't adventurous enough to stay in a very dodgy building with cell-sized rooms and just..creepy; 

'Do not attempt to book a full-paid room located in Chungkin Mansion.'

 We did just that, because of all the good reviews despite of the booking.com stated that this guest house is a one star accommodation. 'A' was just in awe with all the testimonials written there, so he gave it a go, made a full payment for 5 nights. But, if you are okay to stay anywhere because you just adventurous that way, please just book it by all means :)

Me, as usual was against it because of my skepticism towards un-branded or anything less than 3 stars. I learnt it by hard, it's not because I was so high maintenance. It's just not worth your money and time. But, I agreed anyway because there was not much time and hotels left and also the review. I thought, oh, maybe this time we hit the jackpot. Sigh..

We arrived at the building named Chungking Mansion at around 1pm. This building is located at the heart of Nathan road and looks seriously like unfinished construction project. Despite of that, this building was packed with colorful foreigners, named it arabs, asians, caucasians, etc. Most of the first arrival like us will have the reaction like us. Clueless and very worried written so clearly on their faces. Inside this building got a lot of halal stalls, shops which very much looked like those in Kota Raya, money changers and guest houses. We feel like all the guest houses advertised in the booking.com all must be located here. 

I wasn't sure how my face was the whole journey up to the guest house, but 'A' quickly understood. But I said "maybe only the lobby looks like that. Maybe the room is okay". I could not be the one who ruined our hard-earned vacation by being so 'mengada' >,<

We took the elevator up, and during this time we learnt that, not all elevators goes to all floor. Different elevator goes up to different floors. We must check before we enter. It applies to most elevators I rode in HK. After waiting and long queue with other tourist with lots of baggage, we managed to enter the very small and smelly elevator. The person who rode with us usually were looking very...suspicious T_T Maybe they are not bad people, it's just how they look. Maybe the pressure I was having that time painted it the negative way =_=" 'A' who usually had so many things in mind will block me with all his might whenever we were inside the elevator. 

We finally arrived at our guest house and it did not get much better. It looks like an abandoned place which they tried so hard to make up so it is livable. Again I told 'A' maybe the room is okay'. We checked-in and led to our room. And guess what? it was worse. I never imagined such a place existed T_T It was so bad that I almost cried. Because I just can't.. Don't get me wrong, I am not a rich person and never was. But this? It wasn't that cheap also :( There was not even enough space for our luggage! It's like when you open the door, it was straight away the bed. That was my first time I brought the travel cooker, planning to cook simple things for the first time during vacation. But, sigh..there's not even a space for me to do that. Don't let me start with the toilet. And..I don't know where should we pray. Maybe on the bed. While we were discussing in the 'room' we could hear the neighbors. I heard kids and their parents and I wonder how do they live in that 'room'?

After 'A' calmed me down, we decided to scout for a new place to stay. It was 5 nights. Not a short time, and we could not imagine living there for a minute more. So, we walked around the area and enter as many hotels that we are familiar with the reputation and asked for a room. We targeted the Holiday Inn, but there was no room, then we tried Sheraton, etc., all but to no avail. Then, we stumbled upon The Best Western at the end of the Jordan Road. Quite secluded and yet located at a busy road. We went straight to the front table and asked for a vacant room. Luckily for us, they have one last room. I felt so relieved. But 'A' wasn't quickly fell for it. He asked the staff to show him the available rooms and after interrogations and site visits, he agreed to book that room (like we have any options :p). Alhamdulillah...

First day, in front of the Best Western Grand Hotel with such a relieved face. Alhamdulillah..

Roads in HK. This is the common view while walking around. 

Checking in into The Best Western. I don't usually take pictures of check in. But this is a must because it was such an achievement :') 

While scouting for hotel, this is the view of Hong Kong. This is Nathan road. 

The room. It has all the basic facility of 4 stars hotel such as TV, kettle, room service, bottomless water bottle, etc. Because this is Hong Kong, do not expect the room to be as spacious as Europe's. I think Japan's have more space than them. Visit to HK has changed my perception towards Japan's accommodation. hehe.. But, I am all grateful as we could sleep very soundly that night, watch TV and make plans for the next day. the bed especially was very good!

The space where I do my cooking. So far, I only managed to masak nasi je with the travel cooker >,<  Because we were so busy stuffed ourselves with varieties of dumplings and whatnot.

Ok, see you in the next post :)

Thank you for reading

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