Monday, September 28, 2015

Peaching to HK- A major throwback

It's been a long time since I last write.

Anyway, I opened my blog and realized that I have lost so many memories. What have I done from February until now? I think I have been everywhere and did so many things. But, I just can't recall. Oh, what a waste.

So, now I'd like to start with one of the highlight of the year 2015 that I had. 
It was our golden week trip to..Hong Kong!

Like the other vacations, we never have discussed about this whatsoever. 'A' decided on it, like 2 nights before. That explained why he was late to bed. He was researching. 
Anyway, the next morning, he called me from work and nagged me to buy tickets and book hotels from the page he already bookmarked. I was so tired thinking about all the last minute packs I need to do, nonetheless was very happy as he finally had some time off from work.

It was golden week. Japan named it so because it was only once a year they have a long holiday like this, hence the 'golden' (perhaps :p). But, the company my husband is working now, does not always follow this calendar. But this time, fortunately, they did. But they were told about it on the last minute. 

Flight to HK

As we will fly from Japan, it is only logic to check out Peach Aviation first. Peach is like Air Asia in Malaysia, but Peach is still at its infancy so it flies to a very limited numbers of international destinations still. One of it is Hong Kong. After a few surveys (done by me, so expect it to be very brief), Peach had the best offer, so we bought our tickets like a day before! And of course because all of these last minute preparations I think no one knows that we are in HK. hehe.

The flight was at 10am and we left Hiroshima at 4am after fajr prayer. We drove all the way to Kansai Airport as Peach fly internationally from Kansai and other major airports. Unfortunately for us, Hiroshima airport is not one of their major airport. That's too bad despite of how popular Hiroshima is as tourist attraction. sigh.. anyway, I love it though, the road trip. It was fun and not that tiring although it took us roughly more than 3 hours to reach Kansai. The morning view, nice cup of cheap coffees and the ridiculously nice RnR area made it all worth it. We reached Kansai airport terminal 1 at 7 am. We figured, wow, we have extra 1 hour to walk leisurely and explore the airport and you know..spend longer time in the toilet for ritual morning calls. But then as I stepped outside the toilet, I see my husband kind of turning blue saying to me, "uh-oh, we are at the wrong terminal"

OMG. I can't believe that was happening to us and since when Kansai got two terminals -_-"
Anyway, we sprinted to the car after asking for confirmation for the fact that Kansai got two terminals from the information counter (which only open at 7.30am). We had a hard time looking for ways to Terminal 2. The direction was either confusing or, we were just too nervous to understand it. lol xp. But, we finally made it, 2 hours before boarding time. Alhamdulillah..

It was our first time in Terminal 2 of Kansai Airport. It looks like a smaller version of LCCT. It was very small, it maybe has only 3-4 cafes inside. The check-in counter looks more like a bus counter with bag scanners at the front. We tried to self-check-in at the kiosk but failed. The thing is, most passengers failed to check-in from the kiosk and I suspect it was because of our names. Malaysian name, I don't need to mention how complicated our names are. Also, the other passengers were mainly Chinese which names usually consist of three names. I think the kiosk only successful at reading Japanese names. So, we had to queue a very long queue. But, all was good. We checked in and had breakfast at one of their cafes. 'A' had nasi lemak that I packed for him. He always wants bentou, so I always need to pack something for him. He just doesn't like to eat out. Unlike him, I love to try new things although most of the time I regret it and 'A' had to finish it and at the end I ate the nasi lemak. Lol xp.

I didn't take pictures of the boarding gate. Trust me, LCCT looking much more 'mulia'. But, I am very convinced that they will upgrade everything soon. Oh, despite of that, we didn't have to walk miles to get to the boarding gate from the immigration. hehe. You, KLIA2 frequents would know what I mean :p

Like our previous LCCT, we had to walk to the plane. Why Peach when there are so many fruits you can choose from (if you insist you want fruit as a name)? I have no idea.
 The journey took about 2 hours and 45 minutes. It was so short that a pack of Daiso's ika-pea (squid-flavored peanuts) was enough to survive the flight. 

As soon as we landed..and I was already very worried when I discovered that..they don't have bidet T___T OMG...

*sneak peek for next the next post*
Photo showing the clever side of us. Book hotel room only when arrived at the lobby computer of the hotel. Talking about risk-taker -_-"

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