Friday, May 20, 2011

Bye2 Ichigo..

The whole keturunan knew about how I will suffer If I didn't get fruits for a day. This is serious!
I used to stop by kt fruit stall on the way home..almost everyday..or I can say..everyday=p
If musim mangga, I usually bought the least 2.5kg/day.2kg for me..and .5 kg for people who will stare at my mangoes when I reach home=|don't make me elaborate on rambutan, manggis, buah ciku, durian, mate kucing, longan, jambu batu, jambu air madu, betik, epal, langsat dan keluargenye, etc..
If grapes..the least I usually bought about 2.5kg also..and usually only 1.5kg were successfully carried home (1kg already selamat digested..).
Pisang?no..x berape nk I love pisang goreng!!( about pisang goreng later)

Hubby kept telling me about how pricey fruits are in Japan since..err..years ago.
Then I found out..he's Japan, all things are pricey!potential of getting homeless here is so high *_*
Don't ask me how do I feel if I convert the price of everything=| won't eat again -_-"

Anyways, I'm enjoying ichigo (strawberries) while they are still on the rack. Summer is approaching..and it's time for tembikai and peaches ^_^
A plate of ichigo with usual 'mouthwasher' after dinner ^-^ heaven!when you have it while talking with hubby on skype^_^..

Live your life to the fullest ya..
Puan Wani

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  1. wani!!!!!!!! nape warne ichigo tu merah sgt...mengancam tol terliur dibuatnye hehehehe



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