Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ichiman 'Food'

Just a few days before Golden week, I was invited to this one Alumni Meeting and Party for department!
The thing was held at this one hotel..5 minutes from my house=)
No..I'm not gona be telling you about the 'Japanese Style' Meeting could guess..extremely senyap..I can hear my own, I breath slowly during the whole show=|

After that, then we had party..again..their style. Sgt sopan. Our seat was properly planned. So, I have to sit with somebody who speaks english "well".

To my surprise..actually..all participants have to pay ichiman (about RM400) as registration fee.
But..none of us ryugakusei (foreign student) paid=p
Oh, then I remember how big my mouth was telling my sensei "it was so expensive!I don't think I will go". So, finally they let us go for free T_T Too late..he knew I am a Malaysian..=|

So, for ichi man..What do you get here??Hmm..

Sashimi..No..I didn't eat the red one=/

Chawan mushi
This is the starter..plates of Japanese kuih.
Sushi. I know..this doesn't look like sushi at all=p

Ok guys..ade Rm400 bolela mkn mcm ni. Don't forget to leave some RM20 to fill ur empty stomach later=p hehe..

Gomennasai..I don't know. Blogspot fenin..gambar tak bole nk pusing T_T
Puan wani


  1. hahaha...gile mahal smpi ichiman. mmg kene bayor sendiri kalau meeting or celebration. first tme dulu terkejut gak yoo dibuatnye. hr tu ada member bersara pun kena yoo dpt mkn salad dgn sashimi je sbb main food ada niku. uwaaaaa, byr 3500 mkn salad bnyk2.

  2. the red one tu sedap...haha. yoo x mkn ikan yg putih2 tu pulak.



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