Thursday, May 19, 2011

Buat Suhaila

This post is the continuation of this post.
I have been postponing getting the thing done for months!!Lot's of problems occur in the process of getting the gift that I have in mind.
After the earthquake and a few aftermath..people was like avoiding Tokyo..
Finally...rezeki Puan Suhaila tiba juga..

Here you go..hehe..Posted on the last two days. Hopefully..the box reaches you safely=)

And hope you like this ^_^

Good luck in your reception prep, dear Puan Suhaila!!

Puan Wani


  1. wani...dari ari tu curious nak tau cmne dgn postage thingy kat japan. if let say...aku nk post brg kat ko kan? aku kne tulis jepun sekali ke? posmen jepon reti ke tulisan huruf romi ni? hehehe.

  2. hehe..apakah itu wani? SR,boleh je huruf romi. hntrlah food sedap2 kat wani, boleh kitorang rewang kat sini. :D

  3. SCR:dorang boleh ke bace tulisan romi la..hehe
    yoo:maneleh bgtau.cer teke=p



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