Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nabana No Sato

sigh..I have posted a teaser here.

Ok2..I know..dah basi=( *mcm bento I'm so hungry dengan hingus meleleh2 n gigi penuh teselit cokelat..gross T_T)

I am not sure if spring has actually over..Why too soon!!Everybody talked about weird weather since the major earthquake. But, nobody 'dare' to justify more about this because we are also not sure how the earthquake and weather are related=p
*wow..again..not related introduction*

Ok, back to the teaser..
In Nagoya..there are not so many interesting places you can visit. It's not that they are not interesting...they are just less advertised=p hehe..for woman..we have no problem. We can just go to kedai kain for every visit=p

Apart from the castle and the outlet (heaaaavennnn), for spring Nagoya will provide you with ..

This place is all about...


More flowers..

Yes..more and more flowers till you don't know which stalk to give your attention smile at!!
I don't know if it's only me..I appreciate flowers if they came in few stalks=p hehe...

and yes..more flowers in many colors that allow you to do these..=|
Ok, perisa tulip! This one..I experience! ^_^

Actually, in nabana no can find not just all these..there are more than I can explain.
We tried so hard to catch the perfect view witnessed by us. But trust camera can catch what we have seen..You guys just have to come and see it yourselves ^_^
No worries, there are so many places like nabana no sato on earth. hehe..In Japan alone..almost in every least. Come! It's worth a visit ^_^

I consider nabana no sato is better than any other park because..check this out !=p haha...

Now you know ^_^..

Happy Birthday Paie!!and Happy Birthday (seriously birth day) to her new born baby Boy!!!*The best birthday gift ever received by her I guess* ^_^
Puan Wani

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