Thursday, February 14, 2013

How Godiva is making money in Japan.

Today is Valentine's day kan? And in Japan, they celebrate Valentine's day in a very unique way!
Capitalism in here has made it such an obligation for girls to give chocolates to boys!
I know Valentine's is to celebrate kekasih la kan..but here, if you have like 50 men have to buy 50 chocolates!arghhhh>,< 
Basically, the custom (rule) is, valentine's; girl to boy, white day; boy to girl.
So, gila capitalism! >,<
This morning..
I was usually the first one to arrive (given how 'far' my house is')
But today, all the girls arrived earlier than me!
They are playing santa before everyone else arrived!
In my department, they are about..40 people. Out of that, only 8 girls. and FYI, baru tahun ni jadi 8. Before this, only 4>,< 

Apa? bagi chocolate cadbury? you wish!
Yesterday I came across this (translated):

Girl: "Here's chocolate for you." A girl is handing a cute paper bag to a boy. 
*You know in here, kuih pun balut macam hantaran kahwin, apatah lagi coklat yang dicommercializekan -__-"

Girl: "I'm sorry it wasn't Godiva. I want to buy Godiva, but when I go yesterday, they are sold out." This time beliau dah tunduk kuat-kuat.

I was like..what??Godiva sold out?!>,<  and the fact that she has to apologize for not giving him (a colleague) Godiva!?pfft.. 

And that's Godiva is making money in Japan>,<


  1. Godiva! Terliuqla plakkk..hehe

  2. Go geddit cepat before baby pop out:'D

  3. mak aih. utk diri i sendiri pun tak mkn godiva. ni nak bagi orang plak, all of them plak tu!

  4. a ah..pastu sold out plak tu.x bole blah betol >,<



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