Friday, February 15, 2013

Festival Kaki


Today kita jalan-jalan lagi.
Kali ni siri penjelajahan separuh hari!
In Japan, there aren't so many festivals.
You know, festivity is usually associated with religions and ethnicity.
Japan is somehow lacks of those, hence, they have very few number of festivals. I think none related to religion at all. As far as I concern.
For example, Christmas celebration is taken quite seriously, where there will be decorations, sales and even they will greet me 'merry christmas' on christmas morning. But when I ask do you know what christmas is for? They shrugged and said 'I don't know.' The most serious I know they are celebrating is the arrival of new year. The midnight before the new year, everybody will go to the temple. So, only that one time along the year, they will go to their holy place. I don't know how shinto religious activities are done, but maybe that it is. So, in conclusion, they aren't many celebrations in this country for them to enjoy..err...public holiday!ahaks:p
But, the thing about Japan that making this country unlike others is..matsuri (direct translation=festival)
Maybe I was wrong earlier I said they are lacking of festival. They are actually lacking festivals that are related to religion. Yang lain tu, banyak:')
For example; kaki matsuri (direct translation=oyster festival)

Hiroshima is the biggest exporter for oyster. But I'm not sure it is for Japan or for the world. But I'm guessing, in Japan kot. The spot that is famous for kaki (oyster) in here is in an island called Miyajima.
Miyajima Island from my house, by train takes about 30minutes. Then, from the station, we'll have to get on ferry to cross from the mainland to a small Miyajima Island.

Not to worry, in Japan transportation is the least for you to worry. They are so frequent, efficient and the most important, on time.
Our visit to Miyajima was happening just last weekend. I purposely 'pancing' my husband to come to Hiroshima coz I know he loves Miyajima's kaki so so much! Plus, the trip there is so like easy, no need proper plan pon. Just go whenever we are ready!No rush, no fuss:')

We arrived around 12.30p.m. Just at the right time to feel hungry :') And look at people queueing at each stalls?OMG!!Bertenang je depa beratur. I wish Malaysians could be like this too k:')
We bought subway though.. coz somebody was craving (he has been listening to my rambling about my subway menu for the whole week, now he wants one:') eh, no, two >,<)
At the end, nobody touched the subway :p

 Yea..the kaki here are so huge! I just....can't >,< Hubby ate them dengan senyuman menawan k>,<
My favourite was kaki dumpling!sedap!kaki dumpling I can tolerate coz the kaki apparently smaller (maybe due to longer cooking time, so they shrunk?) Those in cups also delicious!It's like bubur nasi kaki with sayur pucuk paku jepun :') sedap! Alhamdulillah..we basically had kaki orgasms :P

In Japan, they are three best views of Japan (mind my direct translation of Nihon Sankei)
One of them is..Miyajima Island. One of the most famous view is the Tori Gate.
Every new year morning, many people and even the TV will show how the new year's sun rose and beautifully emphasized in the frame of the Tori Gate. So, I'm guessing this Tori Gate is positioned purposely to welcome the arrival for the sun every day. That is maybe have something to do with shinto religion. I must ask Yoshioka sensei if I got the opportunity later:)
*Yoshioka sensei is the head of outpatient department in the hospital whom is a shinto pious according to my colleagues.

Husband has actually been living in Hiroshima area for a number of years during his younger age.
He knows Hiroshima better than me. I will be surprised each time when travelling in the south with him.
In conclusion, this place was once upon a time, is his playground.
So, he had been to Miyajima for quite a number of time. But, never with me. Me too though.
I've been to Miyajima for 3 times, but none with him. Therefore, this is by far, my most favorite Miyajima visit ever!hehe..

Before, when I was in Miyajima, I never wanted to take picture with Tori Gate. I want it to be meaningful, that is..with husband lar..and finally!!Alhamdulillah..we had take over another place on earth bebeh!:')

What Miyajima is famous for: (clockwise) kaki yaki (oyster bakar?eh panggang?), momiji manju production (sort of kuih bahulu filled with various fillings. The most famous is kacang merah), and giant senduk! (vaaaarious senduk on sale!as souvenirs, as hiasan, as keychain. Just name it!)

Well, sampai di sini saja dulu,k.
Udah panjang berjela nih >,<


p/s: Do you know in Japanese, kaki also means persimmon?  


  1. bestnya. teringin nak pg Jepun. my husband dgn i ada few kawan budak2 band jepun. dorg pun selalu suruh dtg sane. one day insyaallah.

    salam kenal :)

  2. Sangat best! bila la boleh melancong ke sana . hihihi

  3. best tgk u punye pic..rindu laa nihon huhuuu

  4. cha: salam kenal:) issokey..air asia dah ada.anytime, please come visit:)
    laskar pelangi: bila?skrg la..MAS tgh sale gile2 nih :')
    anum: sure you do.ape lagi..pindah sini la:D



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