Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The last time I have like some sort of emotional break down was..5 weeks after husband sent me away to Hiroshima. The deal was, I will have to cross this country to go back to him once in a month for the longest of 3 nights. So, I came home after being separated from him for 5 weeks, and that time we have just got married. I was supposed to be staying for a few days, but instead, I stayed for a week. My husband had to arrange many things to be able me to stay :') I'm a typical princess wannabe female. Deep down, all I want in life is to live happily ever after with my prince charming. Forget that I have responsibility to my family and ummah. I wish I can be less lenient on myself on this matter. I want to enjoy life, but in a hard way I guess. Life is too short. I want to live my life to the fullest. 

Last week I did it again. But this time, my absent was carefully..and professionally engineered by...an engineer..that is my husband! >,< The difference is..this time, it wasn't me who had the break down..it was the engineer who engineered my disappearance for 12 days! And I..as the victim of the crime..was happy to follow the plan :') hahahaha!!I am so so so happy! 
I had my ultimate girlish time ever! With so many bribes by the engineer who engineered my disappearance (short: EWEMD). He bought me anything that I want (even I'm just saying). Can't you see how chronic he was??
Gosh..this one time I said I need a crocs, and he bought me two! (without interrogating me and the salesperson like he always did).
I dragged him to 5 cake shops to buy my baking stuff and he did not try to change my mind!:') And my mission to bake as many as possible just partially successful due to..you know..I never think about how the product would be consumed. So, I had to stop baking after I made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting coz..the portion of the cake is quite huge and EWEMD does not like carrot cake >,< why la..sedap kan?? The carrot cake was made on Tuesday..Can you imagine how depressed I was the remaining of the week?
It's okay, after this I can bake without having to come out with various reasons to make him drive me to the cake shop.
Chocolate bread pudding
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin. 

The scrumptious Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

The time I really think EWEMD is in chronic condition was when..he bought me a branded handbag without interrogating me like a criminal in prior to buying. yea..like our husbands used to do >,< 
I was like..what??I even offer to pay that myself, but he seems like not listening (the trick here..talk slowly?lol xp).

Anyway, the point is..he was in terrible condition after coming back from Korea. He is posted there back and forth for now. Every posting could last for 3 weeks. In fact, now he is assigned for Taiwan and Korea. I will only get to see him in April. I wanna feel pity for him, but I know, he is happy chasing his dreams and learning new things everyday. He is happy, so I am happy.for.him. I am still husband-sick!

Loads of Korea's souvenir for his wife:) *anyway, actually lagi banyak..tapi beliau dah telan T_T*
The EWEMD I just described:') 

And omaigod!!!being a housewife is so nice!It's even nicer when you have child I guess :') 
I was having a great time, that everyday feels like very short. In the morning, I prepared breakfast, after he left for work, I will make a cup of coffee and a slice of whatever cake I have in the fridge and do my work while curling in selimut on our newly bought sofa! (yes, you read it right, I even made him bought a sofa for our house. And he did not think twice. Maigad!!I almost made him bought me a bicycle..and I changed my mind when he was about to pay).When I feel tired and sleepy, I will do work out by..cleaning out and re-arranging stuff which I never had time to do for the house. I'll feel satisfied everytime I managed to clean 1 corner of the house and transform it to look more like...a home. When I feel happy, I'll feel more energetic to continue with my study. After Asar, I will start cooking. Best kan? I'm officially jealous of the house maker >,< arghh!
Bagel night!And at 10, I was crying of hunger >,<

Nasi tomato...was not the hightlight. I just unwrapped my noritake couple set :') Nasi tomato tu tak sedap pon..sebab makan atas noritake terus rasa nasi tomato chef wan :') air kosong jadi air sprite :'))

Soto! (just to find reason nak makan dalam bowl pula :'))

Soto and kuah kacang for his colleague.

His favourite breakfast! Homemade nuggets!

All I can say is..everyday of the past week are sure memorable.
I'm looking forward to do this..forever.


  1. ^_^ sorry a betubi² aku komen. Xleh tdo a. Huhu. Anyway, jelesnye ngn ko masak mcm². :')

  2. alahai..nnt ko ade dapur sendiri..ko plak kene sampuk post mknn kt fesbuk.haha.tggu mase je nih:p



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