Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sheldonized me

Since we are an LDM couple..
*I feel sick everytime I have to mention this to people. Kesimpulannye..we have never been a normal couple. Our no. 1 enemy for the whole decade together was and is ..the distance*
Anyway, back to the topic,
since we are an LDM couple, we really value our quality time together. Until today, we are probably one of the most annoying couple for people around us. haha. those newly married kind of annoying :p 
To add to our miserableness, we both are currently working/studying in Japan. One of the country with very few numbers of public holiday. I think it is because of their fondness to their jobs, making them okay with their cuti system. 
Being a typical Malaysian, I had a hard time accepting the fact in the beginning (lol xp) especially when I was already in LDM. 
Usually, it'll be me going to him once every month for one weekend. You read it right. One weekend. 
Why me? Because I'm the student, so, I still have the privilege to 'ponteng' without hurting the pay. Also, I don't have reputation to care. I think you understand what I'm sayin'.
So, one weekend is definitely not enough to feel sick of each other. haha.
That's why we like to jalan-jalan. The two of us travelling together, the best way to spend quality time. Don't you think so?

Sebenarnye, I had once told him, I hate travelling, I hate leaving KL. I can't even imagine myself living in other states! Where is their MidValley *_*
Then he said he will change me once I married him.
And..right now, I have a list of places I'd like to visit. 
I am so crazy of the ideas of travelling around the world. He made me forget about all the fancy handbags, shoes that I had once fond for. Seriously, travelling is now my no.1 interest. 
Don't you think going places is a better investment than a gold-priced handbag? 
Since he opened my eyes on this matter, I have always tell people around me to go somewhere, experience different things, culture, and the most important to see Allah s.w.t 's creation for us. That is also our responsibilities. It'll make you a better muslim. It'll make you more humble of yourself.
In addition to that, husband also taught me, the best thing to bring back after every visits are memories.
I learnt it the hard way. Just recently I embraced it. So, a good quality camera is all that matters. haha..also, your most expensive accessory; i.e. your loved ones :') 

Anyway, golden week is approaching. Kind of most awaited holiday season for Japanese. At this time, usually tickets will be multiple in price, and the roads will be in total congestions. Common scene lah kan?
I can't tell you how many times I asked him to decide on where to go. 
 I always like the idea of going to Tokyo. That's the only time I can have a decent wardrobe shopping. Tokyo hold many western's branded shop which are relatively cheaper than those of Japanese brands. Unfortunately, in Hiroshima city, there aren't many western's branded shop. Hence..
The last thing I could suggest is..wherever that's involved air travelling. The prices are just absurd. 
Actually, I have prepared a list of places for us to go. Not far la..I did researches, put on the proposals. 
Beliau?blergh...showed no interest at all. But he kept telling me..continue my research. Other places please..
Even though I like doing research for this, but if you kept being will feel annoyed and came to the easiest idea; Tokyo! 
As I have already set in my mind, I'm gonna be in Tokyo in this coming golden week (prepared with long tentative)..
last week, he called me from Korea 

"Nak pergi ***** tak Golden week nanti?"
*The place had never came across, never been discussed!It wasn't in my proposals before >,<

I was holding my notebook which is full with scribble of 'yet to do in Tokyo'. 
My reaction?? 

It was exactly like Sheldon's ...


  1. haiii.. salam kenall..
    done follow sini.. jom follow n singgah blog teman.. heee..

    klu minat kucen leh follow blog ni jugak.. =)

  2. LDM is sucks.. hehe. but bile dah dok same ni..sumtimes reminiscing the good old days where we spent quality times together.. rindu that moment.. now masing2 balik keje penat pk nak tido jer. heheh. :)

    1. blerghh..tell me abt it:( I dah x tahan lagi menanggung derita ni T_T semoga Allah kurniakan kekuatan utk harung lg beberapa bulan ni.kalo ikot i punye kekuatan sendiri dah nipis T_T

  3. LDM is definitely a trend these days :/ Most of my friends who are already married are in LDM.

    Oh, and enjoy your holiday :D

    1. i don't wanna be in the trend please T-T it's okay.tahan a little bit more:) thank you^_^



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