Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome baby Sara!

Look at how adorable she is..
Introducing baby Sara. 
Anyway, she is a Cambodian baby. Yes, not my baby (like so many people congratulating me in facebook. Please the captions before commenting. You just hurt my feelings).
Her name is Sara....*insert sanskrit word here*. I could only catch Sara. And that's her calling name too. In sanskrit, Sara means gold tree! Anyhow, you are so adorable little Sara:)

Flower giving ceremony. yea..when somebody who is so annoying came to visit..haha

The new mummy..busy feeding little Sara :') 
Dear Allah,
when is my turn?:')


  1. Sabar wani!
    Ada hikmahnya kenapa Allah belum bagi lagi rezeki itu. Doa jangan berhenti okkay!

  2. i wish woman would understand woman better.
    inshaAllah.tq for the well wishes:)

  3. sabarlah dear. i pun sama mcm u. i upload gambar susu pun org ckp dh pregnant huhu bertabahla wahai hati :')

  4. lol xp susu pon derang excited.well, maybe they are being too caring?let's think that way;)

  5. Alahai sedihnye. Saba la wani. Mane tau lps ko habis study ni ke. He always knows what the best for us. Okay. Jgn sedih. InsyaAllah usaha n doa k.

  6. inshaAllah..bukan derang x tahu all with Allah's will.when you ask, you are actually questioning His will.nevertheless,i think they ask because they care.what they talked behind me,it will be all on them,on the judgement day:)



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