Saturday, March 23, 2013

Isteri tukang jahit.

During my student year, not the uni one, when there's a long holiday, I will try doing many things so I don't feel bored. Plus, I can't stand mystery. So, everything that I find curious, I want to get the answer myself.
Mystery in here means should I put it?
For example, I always curious how does it feel of driving? How can people find courage and how finally one can drive? Something like that. That time, I was so curious to try...sewing and crafting!
You know, no one in my family understands what I was doing. But I remember every cloth I used for my sewing project was from my own. Usually I'll use the pants materials to sew pouch and phone case. I also make pencil box out of my baju kurung. All because I don't want to ask money from my parents. All the pocket money I have, I had it spent to buy the sewing kit.
Although I finally had them in shape, they did not look special. Particularly, due to them originating from old cloth. Then I tried to 'beautify' them by patching and embroidery. Mostly I did embroidery because the process made me focus, and I'll forget the trouble I might be having:) I made many cases for my family members and that time I was happy whenever they say 'cantik' and get their old case/pouch replaced with mine:)
No one taught me all that. I just did with trial and error. So, until today, I don't really know the right way to do it.
It's been a long time since I last sew.
Until, I got married.
Boys, they always tore their pants!

How can I live away from you anymore? :'(


  1. haha entry ni sgt cute. i ni lansgung tak pandai menjahit. tapi so far takde lagi seluar or baju husband i koyak haha

  2. seryes??i mcm2 koyak T_T sekali balik mcm2 koyak temasukla khuf T_T susah tau jahit khuf T_T

  3. same goes to my husband..poket koyakla.. mintak potongkan seluar tang kaki tu laaa..etc.. ^-^

  4. haha..comel je bile mintak tlg tu kan?😅i kain ok jahit kulit tu.pheww😓

  5. Arghhh slua koyak. Tell me about it. Geram tau. Seminggu balik 2 helai koyak. Jahit. Next week blk koyak lg. T_T

  6. same 2 T_T kekadang nk je ckp sile beli suar baru!haha.yela..tempat yang koyak ni nk reput xp pastu kene jahit kuat2 sbb depa tu lelaki.ganaz!aku mase kecik2 je suar koyak.dh besar x pernah jahit kekoyakan seluar/baju senirik >,<
    nevertheless,we are happy to do it,right?:)



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