Thursday, March 21, 2013

Seoul searching

Husband is now in Seoul. He has been going there back and forth since beginning this year. Some people might be questioning what's the fuss about him going overseas? It's not like we are living together and is he's going away will make so much difference!?
Trust me, it makes a whole lot more..depressing. Especially when both of us don't have the authority to determine our schedule anyomore >,<
Anyway, husband keeps asking me what do I want. Like many times.
I can't think of anything.
Attires? He doesn't like me in Korean baju.
Make-up? I'm not a make-up person. I only apply basic make-up which are all Japan's made :D
Last time he brought back loads of sweets. How much could I eat? I ended up distributing them in my dept. :p shh..don't tell him :p
So, this time,what should I tell him to get for me? dear K-pop fans? :D
Nami Island, July 2012 <3


  1. Untung husband u dapat u yg tak tau nak mintak pape haha. Btw nice picture you :)

  2. hehe..iyele...sbb kt korea i xtau nak ape je :p list of wanted things is still..long undone:p



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