Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Men are from Mars..

I was so serious in starting a life under one roof with him.
I even came out with a detail plan of what to do every month until the day that I finally leave this city to finally live together as husband and wife as it meant to be.
To list pros and cons between Hiroshima and Toyohashi, the only pros Toyohashi has husband live there. Hiroshima beat Toyohashi in many ways to be honest. I don't know if it's because I live here most of the day, so I found comfort in here more than in Toyohashi. But, I'm not kidding, this city is breathtaking and so peaceful.
So, I started slow. I proposed for our house to have a sofa coz I always found myself in bed. Because I am not comfortable reading, watching TV while sitting on the floor. How can you do that for the whole 2 hour movie? right? But, that was just a proposal. We don't have to get that so soon. 
I request for him to throw away as many things as possible. I consider him a mild hoarders? He likes to keep things!arghhh >,< I don't know how many times I made him throw away his collections of speakers. Can you imagine he's been keeping many kinds of speakers at every possible storage area in that tiny Japanese house?  
*don't try to question about my wardrobe collection okeh!*

Anyway, I listed a few things we should get so that I can turn the house like a home. 
I was surprised because he did not at all disagrees to the proposal. He was instead..excited to go find them like at the very moment. I can see he is also can't wait to be with me in the same house, that he would do anything to make me happy :')
Yea..probably only part of his eyes..another reason for his excitement was..because the second hand shop around was having a bargain :| well, whatever it is, I consider that as rezeki:)

I don't know if it's just my husband, but I think most men are very good at bargaining. So, we finally get a very cheap sofa. Verry cheap! Alhamdulillah..but I need a sofa cover. And it costs us 5x the price of the sofa itself. I pay quarter part ok. I'm not that mean la :'D 
Besides sofa, I finally get all the racks you need to organize the kitchen. Husband is also very kind buying me everything I need so that I enjoy my cooking time. I cannot any more stressing you on this lady, buy cooking utensils that you like, so that you enjoy your cooking experience. When you happy, the whole family will be happy too! I can't thank husband enough for not interrogating me on this one :') 

The only thing I lack was..a steamer. I know right??how can I live without one??ahaha..It's not easy.
I tried so many ways from you tube, but it wasn't as simple as..having one. lol xp
So, this one day husband went to the second hand shop to find a paper shredder that he has been longing for for so long. He has been surveying for 3 months for it. yes, a paper shredder. Don't ask me on how long he is surveying for a car or a TV. You do the extrapolation yourself >,<
I mentioned before the shop is having a mad sale for clearance. Everything are so cheap, and that's also including paper shredders. the selections..are not many if according to his long list of favorable (!) shredder.
I felt like forever inside the shop listening at his dilemma of choosing the best shredder. I am now so pakar in selecting shredder. I don't have the privilege to make faces, cause according to will make him stress even more and cannot decide :| I finally have to transform myself to an incredible hulk. Giving him the final say. haha..sometimes, this guy ha..he wanted to hear it from us, woman. It's not like he doesn't know that I only use my brain for study. Not shopping. gosh >,< 
Ok, now is the final step..interrogation. The salesperson would have to face him. I always purposely leave the scene. My husband made the person to test in front of him, shred many kinds of papers and even learn the trick to clean any kesan-kesan gam on furnitures or anything. Usually, at the end of the process, the person could be his friends know..somebody that the kedai do not welcome. haha.

Interrogation took so long. The salesperson has to like disassemble the thing to answer whatever question husband is having. sigh..
I got bored. So, I went around the kedai and I found a wide range of..steamer! and they!yey!!
My hand (yea..brain wasn't working at time like this) immediately grabbed one that I like (of course Tefal :')).
And I came back to husband and the salesperson with the sweetest smile of that day. The salesperson look at me and laugh. haha..
Husband was

Excuse my fashion disaster.
Anyway, I can say my kitchen and house are now complete with basic things I need for it to be like home.
All that is left to do is for me to move in..permanently.
I am so happy for the whole week coz the house...feels more like home!
Until..on Friday, I got an e-mail that we will possibly need to move to Hiroshima instead. sigh..


  1. wuah that is so cheap (I mean the Tefal steamer).. I hope we could find a shop like that here in Taiwan...

    anyway, really nice smile though and good luck on your moving

  2. hehe.i don't know abt taiwan, but japan is a country which practising recycling. So, there's a lot of shops like this everywhere:) easy for foreigners like us:)
    Thank you:')

  3. love the expression on ur face. Hahahaha

  4. but i look so cengkung.dont like lose weight >,<



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