Thursday, March 21, 2013

Toyohashian Soubetsukai 2013

I am both Hiroshimaian as well as Toyohashian. Because of that..I never really can commit to any parties.
For example let's say..this week there's an activity going on in Hiroshima (which is usually done in Saijou, where the main campus is located and mind you, that is far from where I live.) but most of the time I could not come due to commitment to my long distance marriage. If that was not the cause, I am stuck in the lab (to compensate the days I have to ponteng due to again..long distance). So, that's my dilemma la..
If there's anything in Toyohashi pula, we will be usually in rush!Coz we only managed to see each other occasionally, there are so many things to catch up. Me? I have to prepare his meals for week. So, I am really busy. Most of the time, I could not bring any potluck due to time constraint. Gomenne T_T 
Anyway, last weekend, Toyohashi Soubetsukai (farewell party) was held. I have already planned what to bring, but Allah's knows best, I could not make it due to miscommunication pula. I thought it'll be later of the day, turn out no. Tak ada rezeki yours truly nak bersedekah lagi T_T

Compare to last year, this year's event was held more sederhana. More to like, makan-makan biasa except, the celebrity of the night were looking great!!Must be happy of them, finally the journey is over. I hope they are much aware that the real journey is just about to start. The fun is actually has come to an end. Nevertheless, I am happy for them :) Muda-muda nya semua. I feel really old to be amongst them >,< huh!
As long as Aiman is around, everybody will get entertained. Pretty boy isn't he? Very baik tau. Nobody can resist him la for sure>,<

With the celebrated adik-adik. Mude gile derang nih. huh >,<

Toyohashian Girls. 

So many people are leaving especially girls. sigh..
Probably, we will join them too..InshaAllah..

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