Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tunggu sekejap..

Another reason I don't favour husband's posting overseas is..
he will tend to get stress coz the workloads are usually triple in amount.
The aftermath, the time he'll have for me will be limited, and..I don't have the privilege to complaint..
cause..sebaik sahaja we start skyping..he'll go first telling me about how terrible his day was, 
giving hint that my nagging which is about to start..has to be put on hold, or just cancel if I plan of doing it.
And the rest of the night, I have to tenung wajah kesayangan hamba yang berkerut buat kerja.
I know he is not happy with the workloads too, what can a wife do?
Although my angin lintang is especially strong during his long absence, I can't release the kraken la..
I have to be all sweet and supportive ok? We have to not make things worst.

But, I'm not all the time angelic.
Although I will be all nice, and patience on the weekdays, but I expect him to repay my 'kindness' on the weekend, I know he will have a day break. hewhew..
But this time was different. Maybe because he has to go alone this time, 
so, every work he has to do by himself. 
He also working on that Sunday, the day I woke up, expecting a full time husband...
despite of him just stay in my monitor T_T
So, he woke me up, so cheerful and..said.."I've some work to do."
So, I told myself, it's ok, i've been waiting for days, it wouldn't hurt to wait 1 or 2 hours..
2 hours passed
He was still berkerutan..
I fell asleep..
I woke up...
He went out for lunch..
I wait again..
He's back!
"I have to finish this a little bit more..ok?"
I fell asleep again.
I woke up..he's still in front of monitor.
I reach out for a pack of chocolate (they are just everywhere around me) and said..
"I nak merajuk la" with eyes half opened munching on the white day's chocolate.
And I meant it.
He answered, "Tunggu jap. Jangan merajuk dulu" "Jap jap.."Kejap...seminit.." "Ok..sikit lagi."
And that time I was a little mamai..and when he said tunggu sekejap, jangan merajuk lagi..
I was stunned (I remember, my action was literally stop when he said it).
It's like I just obey and nod??
I can't believe myself..I was like being hypnotized!
 How he did this to me?

Is it because..he's actually a French?


  1. Mmg ko under his spell dr dulu pon lg. Harhar. Comel eh tunggu cmtu. Hahaha

  2. boleh plak tunggu kejap haha. comel je ^_^

  3. Liyana and Cha..
    so vulnerable!easily manipulated >,<



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