Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why I married a bimbo

True story..
Two weeks ago..

The wife went out with her friends for a brunch. Afterwards, she went jalan-jalan around the area. They went into a newly opened electric shop call Edeon. The old name was DeoDeo. After re-branding, the name was changed to Edeon, which for the wife is still..tahpape. She strongly thinks the name Edeon was chosen so that they can invite Celine Dion to be their spokesperson. She is not kidding, Celine Dion is their spokesperson now. Oh Celine, can't you be just like everyone else, represents any bedak is so much better..and well understood and..isn't it making more sense?
Anyway, the wife's attention goes straight to the iPad on display.
She belek-belek the mini iPad. She heard high resolution iPad mini is coming out soon. Rumours from the internet (which usually true) said it's gonna be in March.
But she thinks, the one she belek-belek is the one. Yes!the one she's holding IS the high resolution iPad mini.
She grabbed her friend and show the mini iPad to her.

Friend: "No, this is not the new one. Since mini iPad came out, it is always like this. But yours? I think yours was made in China."
Wife: "All apple products ARE made in China!"
Friend: "See!!Yours like mainan one!Toy mana-mana." "Are you sure this is authentic?"
Wife: T______________T

The wife called the husband straight away and demanded clarification why her iPad that he gave her for her birthday is more like a toy compared to the one she is holding.

Wife: "Sayang!You have been cheated!iPad mini retina dah keluar. It's not even 6 months!"
Husband: "iPad mini retina?dah keluar?Bukan bulan 3 ke?"
Wife: "Dah!And the price is exactly like the first iPad mini!" "I want the high resolution one!I don't like mine now coz..I feel like browsing on iphone 3GS!"
Husband: Baru berapa bulan pakai sayang...pakai dulu k.
Wife: "Sakit mate..pening..bla2...."
Husband: T_________T

Last weekend..

The wife 'dragged' the husband to an electric shop to prove to him and to probably asking for a full refund from the kedai.

The wife took out her iPad and put it next to the new iPad on display. She tried her best to make her husband see that she is right.
Then the husband performed a magic show, suddenly the wife's iPad became exactly like the one on displayed. In like 2 seconds, one breath and memek muka why-I-married-a-bimbo.

He just changed the brightness setting on the wife's iPad.

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