Friday, February 15, 2013

Festival Kaki


Today kita jalan-jalan lagi.
Kali ni siri penjelajahan separuh hari!
In Japan, there aren't so many festivals.
You know, festivity is usually associated with religions and ethnicity.
Japan is somehow lacks of those, hence, they have very few number of festivals. I think none related to religion at all. As far as I concern.
For example, Christmas celebration is taken quite seriously, where there will be decorations, sales and even they will greet me 'merry christmas' on christmas morning. But when I ask do you know what christmas is for? They shrugged and said 'I don't know.' The most serious I know they are celebrating is the arrival of new year. The midnight before the new year, everybody will go to the temple. So, only that one time along the year, they will go to their holy place. I don't know how shinto religious activities are done, but maybe that it is. So, in conclusion, they aren't many celebrations in this country for them to enjoy..err...public holiday!ahaks:p
But, the thing about Japan that making this country unlike others is..matsuri (direct translation=festival)
Maybe I was wrong earlier I said they are lacking of festival. They are actually lacking festivals that are related to religion. Yang lain tu, banyak:')
For example; kaki matsuri (direct translation=oyster festival)

Hiroshima is the biggest exporter for oyster. But I'm not sure it is for Japan or for the world. But I'm guessing, in Japan kot. The spot that is famous for kaki (oyster) in here is in an island called Miyajima.
Miyajima Island from my house, by train takes about 30minutes. Then, from the station, we'll have to get on ferry to cross from the mainland to a small Miyajima Island.

Not to worry, in Japan transportation is the least for you to worry. They are so frequent, efficient and the most important, on time.
Our visit to Miyajima was happening just last weekend. I purposely 'pancing' my husband to come to Hiroshima coz I know he loves Miyajima's kaki so so much! Plus, the trip there is so like easy, no need proper plan pon. Just go whenever we are ready!No rush, no fuss:')

We arrived around 12.30p.m. Just at the right time to feel hungry :') And look at people queueing at each stalls?OMG!!Bertenang je depa beratur. I wish Malaysians could be like this too k:')
We bought subway though.. coz somebody was craving (he has been listening to my rambling about my subway menu for the whole week, now he wants one:') eh, no, two >,<)
At the end, nobody touched the subway :p

 Yea..the kaki here are so huge! I just....can't >,< Hubby ate them dengan senyuman menawan k>,<
My favourite was kaki dumpling!sedap!kaki dumpling I can tolerate coz the kaki apparently smaller (maybe due to longer cooking time, so they shrunk?) Those in cups also delicious!It's like bubur nasi kaki with sayur pucuk paku jepun :') sedap! Alhamdulillah..we basically had kaki orgasms :P

In Japan, they are three best views of Japan (mind my direct translation of Nihon Sankei)
One of them is..Miyajima Island. One of the most famous view is the Tori Gate.
Every new year morning, many people and even the TV will show how the new year's sun rose and beautifully emphasized in the frame of the Tori Gate. So, I'm guessing this Tori Gate is positioned purposely to welcome the arrival for the sun every day. That is maybe have something to do with shinto religion. I must ask Yoshioka sensei if I got the opportunity later:)
*Yoshioka sensei is the head of outpatient department in the hospital whom is a shinto pious according to my colleagues.

Husband has actually been living in Hiroshima area for a number of years during his younger age.
He knows Hiroshima better than me. I will be surprised each time when travelling in the south with him.
In conclusion, this place was once upon a time, is his playground.
So, he had been to Miyajima for quite a number of time. But, never with me. Me too though.
I've been to Miyajima for 3 times, but none with him. Therefore, this is by far, my most favorite Miyajima visit ever!hehe..

Before, when I was in Miyajima, I never wanted to take picture with Tori Gate. I want it to be meaningful, that is..with husband lar..and finally!!Alhamdulillah..we had take over another place on earth bebeh!:')

What Miyajima is famous for: (clockwise) kaki yaki (oyster bakar?eh panggang?), momiji manju production (sort of kuih bahulu filled with various fillings. The most famous is kacang merah), and giant senduk! (vaaaarious senduk on sale!as souvenirs, as hiasan, as keychain. Just name it!)

Well, sampai di sini saja dulu,k.
Udah panjang berjela nih >,<


p/s: Do you know in Japanese, kaki also means persimmon?  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

How Godiva is making money in Japan.

Today is Valentine's day kan? And in Japan, they celebrate Valentine's day in a very unique way!
Capitalism in here has made it such an obligation for girls to give chocolates to boys!
I know Valentine's is to celebrate kekasih la kan..but here, if you have like 50 men have to buy 50 chocolates!arghhhh>,< 
Basically, the custom (rule) is, valentine's; girl to boy, white day; boy to girl.
So, gila capitalism! >,<
This morning..
I was usually the first one to arrive (given how 'far' my house is')
But today, all the girls arrived earlier than me!
They are playing santa before everyone else arrived!
In my department, they are about..40 people. Out of that, only 8 girls. and FYI, baru tahun ni jadi 8. Before this, only 4>,< 

Apa? bagi chocolate cadbury? you wish!
Yesterday I came across this (translated):

Girl: "Here's chocolate for you." A girl is handing a cute paper bag to a boy. 
*You know in here, kuih pun balut macam hantaran kahwin, apatah lagi coklat yang dicommercializekan -__-"

Girl: "I'm sorry it wasn't Godiva. I want to buy Godiva, but when I go yesterday, they are sold out." This time beliau dah tunduk kuat-kuat.

I was like..what??Godiva sold out?!>,<  and the fact that she has to apologize for not giving him (a colleague) Godiva!?pfft.. 

And that's Godiva is making money in Japan>,<

Wednesday, February 13, 2013



I have tonnes of work to entertain and luckily, the dateline is up to me.
Besides, I'm the mood for blogging!
Topik kita pada hari ini ialah red!
Yea..I don't really love Taylor Swift's Red. It isn't as catchy as the others. 
Speaking about Taylor Swift's new album, when first time I heard the songs in there, about 16! I know right?Gosh..and I heard that she had a hard time to make the final cut though. Even that, finally 16!
Oh, I love 22!and a few other (I'm sucks at remembering title. Pardon me:') But yeah, red isn't listed.

On another note on red, you know as a woman, when come one time you 'ter'shopping like so banyak, and then you feel guilty and feel like punishing yourself? Other than that you siap immediately call your credit card supplier (ye..husband memasing lettew) asking for forgiveness, and monthly swearing that you would never shop again the whole of your life???Even offering him to cut the credit card yourself? 
Er..I did not said that all of the above is based on my life :|
Anyway, what I'm trying to say I tried, I will, sure will buy new clothes every season! (I wish it wasn't every month. I didn't dare to check into such a details *in denial*)
It wasn't any different during this winter. Although a big chance this would be my last winter in Japan (I am currently in my final year. With Allah's will, I will finish by Sept. InshaAllah..Doakan yours truly:')), I still bought a few. But I swear I tried my really best to restrict myself. I buy, but so few. And..they are all red!
Now, my red tudung dah worn out dah.lols. 
There's this one year, most of my newly bought tops/hijabs are..turqoise!
A year before that most of them are electric blue >,<
I gotta find a journal regarding this matter la. Maybe there is something to do with..I don't know:/ aura? (like I know what aura means:/)

Wanna know what else that's beautiful and red? 
It's momiji (red maples)!

I did not get to enjoy the beautiful momiji last year.
I was left alone last year during the peak.
This year, I did it!We finally experience the real definition of autumn in Japan! Alhamdulillah...
Syukur, Allah perkenankan impian yours truly yang lagi satu ni:')

It started with a post card.
I received a post card from my then boyfriend (now husband <3 nbsp="" p="">
The postcard shows an ancient pagoda like floating on the shining red maples. I thought this place could probably be real, but that picture is for sure was photoshopped. How can the whole thing seems so beautiful and unreal!
So, when husband asked me where to for momiji mitae (acara menonton momiji), I answered 'to the place on the postcard.'

It was Kyomizudera.

Walking to the temple..Along side of the road, you would find a lot of Japanese culinary shops as well as souvenirs shop.

The thing is I wasn't alone in the world thinking to go to Kyomizudera to immerse myself in a breathtaking nature. That is for sure. I know that. Husband knows that. But marrying him, I don't have to think the tedious things which most of the time involved strategic thinking. Like what is the best time to go, the best place to park the car, even why we have to walk at the other side of the road! So, whenever we are travelling, it is so seldom for us to make mistakes due to his critical thinking. For that, alhamdulillah..I think men are like that huh?:) Hopefully he can lead me in living the life too:') InshaAllah..

Since Kyomizudera is extremely famous, can you imagine how 'mencekik darah' the parking space would be? Especially at peak time like autumn, the 'taukeh' parking will of course naikkan harga. Like others, we would pay at whatever price as long as we can get to park the car!haha. This brilliant husband has again made a brilliant plan, we got to get a very cheap, fixed price parking space which is so near to the temple!!We saved a lot of money. The only 'sengal' thing we did was..decided to have lunch at this Thai restaurant (nearby the eki) and there are so sengal and mahal!Nobody in the restaurant could understand you. They can't speak either english or nihongo. How?:/And the idea was mine>,<

Actually, as you are walking towards the temple, you would see Kyoto itself. 
I remember Kyoto is more like Hiroshima. It has many rivers crossing the city. The difference is, Kyoto is packed with old, ancient looking buildings. You could easily know you are now in Kyoto by just looking around you. Hiroshima is not. I could say that Hiroshima is more down to earth in terms of architectural. Probably because many of them has been vanished after the bombing.
By the river, there are lines maple trees and at that time, all was coloured red. We were even planning to walk by the river and take photos with the momiji. But after reaching the temple area, nothing else we think could beat the scenery we just seen.

The top one showing the angle of kyomizudera temple I saw in the post card. But then I didn't know this was a xp
Down, zoom, can you see how pack the pagoda? I don't think this situation is thalasemic friendly. hehe..
Can sesak nafas woo..But since this is Japan, the chance of you getting assault is so minimal. Everybody got the same chance for the top spots.

The post card I mentioned was showing kyomizudera at night. it was exactly like the below photo :')
Both of these photos are unedited. And yet, they are already beautiful to me. I tried so hard to capture what my eyes have seen. But it can never match. That is why, if you have extra money, it is better to go places. See them yourselves:')

The top photo is the entrance to the temple.
The temple looks old though. I was afraid when I was up on the pagoda, will this kayu patah ke ape >,<
The surrounding view yang actually attractionnye. Beautiful!
It's true, momiji sama saja bentuknye mana-mana, but not in this case:')
Picture below just random photo we took on the up to the temple.
There are so many souvenirs shop!

For those who interested to go to Kyomizudera, entrance fees for daylight and night time are different. Like us, at 5pm we are required to leave the temple and queue again to buy the night ticket. You just have to go see both time! Enjoy both views once you are there, okay! You won't regret it:')

I guess that is all my long story, actually on kyomizudera.

p/s: This writing isn't just for you, it is for future self, in case I forgot this supposedly unforgettable visit.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why I married a bimbo

True story..
Two weeks ago..

The wife went out with her friends for a brunch. Afterwards, she went jalan-jalan around the area. They went into a newly opened electric shop call Edeon. The old name was DeoDeo. After re-branding, the name was changed to Edeon, which for the wife is still..tahpape. She strongly thinks the name Edeon was chosen so that they can invite Celine Dion to be their spokesperson. She is not kidding, Celine Dion is their spokesperson now. Oh Celine, can't you be just like everyone else, represents any bedak is so much better..and well understood and..isn't it making more sense?
Anyway, the wife's attention goes straight to the iPad on display.
She belek-belek the mini iPad. She heard high resolution iPad mini is coming out soon. Rumours from the internet (which usually true) said it's gonna be in March.
But she thinks, the one she belek-belek is the one. Yes!the one she's holding IS the high resolution iPad mini.
She grabbed her friend and show the mini iPad to her.

Friend: "No, this is not the new one. Since mini iPad came out, it is always like this. But yours? I think yours was made in China."
Wife: "All apple products ARE made in China!"
Friend: "See!!Yours like mainan one!Toy mana-mana." "Are you sure this is authentic?"
Wife: T______________T

The wife called the husband straight away and demanded clarification why her iPad that he gave her for her birthday is more like a toy compared to the one she is holding.

Wife: "Sayang!You have been cheated!iPad mini retina dah keluar. It's not even 6 months!"
Husband: "iPad mini retina?dah keluar?Bukan bulan 3 ke?"
Wife: "Dah!And the price is exactly like the first iPad mini!" "I want the high resolution one!I don't like mine now coz..I feel like browsing on iphone 3GS!"
Husband: Baru berapa bulan pakai sayang...pakai dulu k.
Wife: "Sakit mate..pening..bla2...."
Husband: T_________T

Last weekend..

The wife 'dragged' the husband to an electric shop to prove to him and to probably asking for a full refund from the kedai.

The wife took out her iPad and put it next to the new iPad on display. She tried her best to make her husband see that she is right.
Then the husband performed a magic show, suddenly the wife's iPad became exactly like the one on displayed. In like 2 seconds, one breath and memek muka why-I-married-a-bimbo.

He just changed the brightness setting on the wife's iPad.


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