Monday, November 9, 2015

False alarm

I used to love the Big Bang Theory TV series. But, my like towards the show slowly faded at season 6 until now I'm not sure how many season there are anymore. Starting at season 7, it was very hard for me to really laugh at their trying-too-hard jokes. But, episodes from season 1 to 5 are still on re-run on my iPad whenever I feel like laughing. hehe.

Just last week, I experienced something new which  I wasn't sure whether it was caused by pregnancy. The day was Tuesday. While I was getting ready to go to work, I did my usual stuff like going to the toilet first to do all the businesses necessary before I enter the bathroom. As I seated with a Running Man episode played on my iPad, I feel pain at my abdomen which I wasn't sure whether it came from the stomach or the uterus part. I thought that was just a terrible case of 'gas stuck in my gut. But, the pain got more excruciating as I was trying to calm myself. A few minutes later, I feel like vomiting. The pain made it difficult for me to move. I started to talk to the baby, I hope it wasn't related to him/her or any condition that might affect him/her.

Anyway, I crawled my way to the bed and look for phone. I was so close to call an ambulance. I dialed 'A's number which I rarely do. I always avoided to disturb him at work. But he didn't read messages, so I had to ring him this time. Luckily he picked up, and I told him 'I have pain at my belly and I'm worried that it might be the baby'. I even consider appendicitis but was too in pain to really read about it further. At first 'A' was skeptical because he thought I might just have stomach pain because I tend to eat various things in the morning since the pregnancy. lol xp. But, when I mentioned the baby, he got paranoid and reached home about one hour later. 

I fell asleep while waiting for him to arrive. I woke up when I heard someone opened the door. When I saw 'A', suddenly the pain was not there anymore and I was feeling very healthy, healthier than 1 hour ago. ahaha xp But too late, 'A' has arranged appointment with the doctor and not intend to cancel it. I understand how difficult it is to push an emergency case at the gynea. I just went ahead with the appointment and of course baby and mummy are healthy. Alhamdulillah.. The doctor must feel annoyed entertaining the two paranoid parents.

This story is just a bad example of a person who knows too much, thinks too much and a bad gassy reaction. Now I understand how Sheldon feels...

I must have definitely eaten something too gassy. Sorry guys, this gassy occurrences are too new to me. I wasn't a gassy person pre-pregnancy. But, anything for you dear my baby :)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pregnancy in Japan-the early phase

I have to pen down this one. I believe, this will be the experience of a lifetime :) 
And I should write it before I forgot everything.

After the UPT test, we tried not to bring the issue out all the time. It's like both of us keep it low even among ourselves. 'A' especially was very calm in receiving the news, unlike what we always see in the TV. I think he tried to not be too happy in front of me, so that I won't feel the pressure. You know, the pressure for the fact that he has been longing to be a daddy for so long but won't talk about it. 

I started doing some reading here and there. My sources are my friends who have been through the experience and wrote it somewhere (blog, Facebook, etc). Different people experienced it differently. Some only go to the doctor only when they have reached 8 to 10 weeks. It's either because of policy or it's just them. So, I thought, I would probably go at week 8 then.

Then, I was so rajin google about pregnancy in Japan. The steps I have to take as soon as I have my UPT positive. Apparently, in Japan you need to go to the doctor as soon as you get positive UPT. In here, it is very important to have prenatal care as early as possible. I showed that article to 'A' and he paranoid like always (when it comes about me), tried to search for a good gynea (can speak english and easy access. It is a plus if it's a woman). 

I was at week 3 when we had our first appointment. The doctor did the ultrasound to validate the UPT test and immediately we could see the gestational sac :) It was the moment of truth and 'A' is more convinced and was showing more emotion than before. While I, was over the moon. I forgot every questions I wanted to ask the doctor. Everything was forgotten. It was a very nice timing as the next day we were schedule for flight back to KL to celebrate Syawal, the remaining of it as it was the last week of Syawal. So, we managed to share the news with our close family members.

I just want a nice small album to keep the ultrasound photo. But, 'A' had a better idea. He said he had eyed this maternity album for so long. I didn't know they even make this. It's so cute inside!

The doctor asked us to come again at 8 weeks to check for the heartbeat. 

At week 8, we went for another check-up. I was even more relieved to know that our baby survived and I saw the beating of his/her heart from the ultrasound. This check confirmed my pregnancy and the doctor asked us to report my pregnancy to the city hall.

At the city hall, we were called into a counseling room where she asked me about myself and how do I feel of this pregnancy. Do I feel sad or happy, etc. Following that, she briefly explain to us what we have to do each months, the classes I need to follow, the vouchers I need to use, a lot more! I couldn't digest all. Too many informations! At the end, we were given a bag of books and pamphlets to study. Sigh..I was still at my first trimester then, I was tired all the time, so I'd say my acceptance to the information was only about 5%. So now, I just asked around the previous mummies of what to do. 'A' is just too busy studying baby gadgets >,<

Books and pamphlets for mummy and daddy to study. There are bag's tag for mummy so people would know that I'm pregnant. Also a number of vouchers to be used for mummy and baby until the baby is 1 year old. So, during the pregnancy and 1 year post-pregnancy, all the compulsory check up will be covered by the government.
That's it so far, I will update more on the milestones slowly of my journey. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Announcing pregnancy

Actually, I don't plan to 'announce' my pregnancy. 
For me the season for me to join the excited mummy club has passed.  
Most my friends I think has passed that stage. You know, the stage where pregnancy is a big deal.
It's true in a way. The tone down feeling does not just come because everybody has passed it, but age may also be the factor. Coming from me alone, I wasn't that ecstatic that I want to shout it to the world that I'm pregnant like I have seen for years among my friends and keep wondering when will be my turn? I was instead, extremely thankful and filled with all the worries, you couldn't imagine. So, my acceptance towards my pregnancy news is more to relieved than ecstatic (or too ecstatic that I felt numb?). 

To me, at an advance age like this friends has shifted to other excitement, that is sending their kids to school. So, everybody is more interested at that rather than announcement that someone just got pregnant. Not a hot news anymore. haha. But, it's ok. I'm not one who succumbs into social pressure. People are gifted with different rizq at different time.

Anyway, I was thinking to just update my Facebook and instagram like usual without creating suspicion. I keep telling myself, I'm nobody so, it's not a big deal that I announce or not. I managed to do that...for 2 months only. sigh...

It's all started with my sharing of an article entitled 'Pregnancy in Japan'. This article is just a simple write up on the differences of pregnancy in Japan and other countries, at the surface. That's all. Just a few seconds after, that shared post got a lot of likes and followed by congratulatory wishes, private and non-private. Sigh...
I couldn't imagine my feeling if I wasn't even pregnant and my sharing is just for the sake of sharing. How would I feel? Lucky for them, I'm actually really pregnant. As soon I realized what's going on, I changed the view setting to close friends only. That helped stop the spreading for a while. 

Then at night my husband was telling me that something weird has happened. His phone was loaded with congratulatory wishes. Bahaha xp. So, this has also affected him (he rarely checked Facebook. Mine or his). So, I told him what happened and of course the blame is on me.  

Next day, I try to rectify the situation by posting a status that I considered ambiguous (to xp). And situation did not get any better. That has only make people even more suspicious and the congratulatory wishes pour in much more than the day before. 

But, when I look at the messages it made me realized, these people actually made du'a for me and the baby:')Alhamdulillah..
I don't know what is the big deal for me to hide it. I hope all of their du'a is granted and returned to them back.
tongue emotico smile emoticon

Thursday, November 5, 2015

October 31st 2015

While others were busy celebrating halloween (the one festivity with vague purpose), I'm busy replying all the warm wishes that came into may way through various channels.

It was my birthday :)

Busy replying all the whatsapp messages. Until today I still hasn't replied the birthday messages in FB. Sigh.. I hope they know that I read them and they do made my day. It may not be a big thing for some of you, but hey, they made time to wish us!

Because the birthday girl loves breakfast, so it's just right to give her a nice breakfast at the place that serves her favorite yuzu tea :) 

The cafe is located next to this scene :) the weather was great, the people that greeted me was very kind and lively. It was such a perfect beginning of October 31st :) 
Ok, I lied. My birthday was celebrated much earlier than this. As the clock struck 12!

'A' presented me the birthday (cup)cake while hiding his face (and the cake) behind the door. He was too ashamed of his cake. I had to fight him to get a closer look at the cake. At the end he fell asleep while trying to hold me down so that I wouldn't get close to the 'cake'. So, that's when I snap this photo :D
He is a bad cook, so, of course he will have no idea how cake is made. ahaha xp. But, I'm ok. I love chiffon cake anyway:) The thought that counts!
So, most of the night I was busy chatting away with my friends who made time to wish me the best of birthday ahead. 

Can't thank you enough for your wishes and of course your du'a is one of the priceless birthday gift to me. May Allah bless.


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