Wednesday, November 9, 2011

7 Eleven

Speaking about 7E..if there's poll asking which konbini (convenient store) is my favourite..I'll definitely vote for you..7E..
You provides me with the most delicious, addictive onigiri..and the cheapest yet oiishi lunchbox ever!>,<

But, I am not going to write about you..dear 7E konbini:P

Anyways, this entry would be about the date of November, seven.

Firstly, I remember this date as the birthday of my estranged friend whom without any clear reason, broke our friendship. Well, happy birthday to her ^_^

Secondly, I remember this date as..the day marking...the first time I ever really ride a bicycle on my own!>,<
To put in a proper sentence, Happy first "reti-naik-beskal" anniversary for me!!yey!!

All thanks to Mr. Kong Weng Sheng..for spending time and energy teaching me like a brother on a cold night of 11/7.

I would never think of writing this post if its not because another tragedy regarding bicycle just happened on 11/7 last Monday =,="
Whereby my bicycle's tyre exploded =,="
Therefore, I consider this date as "Bicycle tragedy day":|

Because I was too shocked, I have to call somebody reliable to save me..
It was again..Mr. Kong Weng Sheng...hehe...
He brought me to a bicycle shop and "helped" me making my purse lighter with new tyre -,-"

And because of that...11/7 also known to me as.."Mr. Kong give me a hand day". Cool huh!



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