Friday, November 25, 2011


I heard a lot of stories about other departments. I swear 90% of them are plain bad reviews. Mostly about how they are mistreated and misunderstood by other members. You know..not all locals here are nice>,<
However, alhamdulillah..after a year, I never been in such situations. In fact, they are those who tried so hard to fit into me (not the other way around which is supposed to happen >,<).

Here, I am equally treated as locals in fact in some cases I was given privilages for being a foreigner. I have to say,studying in foreign country as foreign people has more pros for the study itself. I am not burdened by admin works like I had been once upon a time.
Currently being in the shoes of foreigner, I observed much of other people. You know a situation whereby you are at a new place but characters around you are your deja-vu?

Back in my MU years, I have this small groups. All of us are a freak in our own way:P Surprisingly I met the exact same characters for each of them, including myself. heh!
It's interesting to see other person playing the role like you..and of course I can easily read her:P

Overall, I love the place fate has brought me into. Alhamdulillah for this smooth sailing and I pray for this be for long:) InshaAllah..doakan yours truly, k?

Oh,back to the title..
Despite everything they gave me..

See..they gave me a personal locker with mirror hanging ABOVE my head:| It's been a year and I never can suluh my face there>,<

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