Saturday, November 12, 2011

Maybe the next step to prevent polygamy :P

Situation: Just finished shopping and now resting legs while having ice-creams.

Hubby is looking at the wife who is busy licking the cone ice-cream (the way she just want her ice-cream-with cone)

The wife suddenly feeling uneasy..she can tell that her husband was staring at her and maybe he didn't at all blinking. The wife was having dialogue in her mind..why is he staring at me..if he wants the ice-cream..he know I wouldn't share with him (since she knew very well, the husband eat ice-cream like eating rice. If she hands the ice-cream to the husband that means..she has to buy a new scoop >,<)

Then the husband started to talk..

"I pelik macam mana orang boleh nak kahwin lebih dari 1."

I was like..ok.

"Tengok barang-barang shopping you tu..tu baru sorang bini.."

I was like..first, giggles:D

Can be a shopaholic wife is the next step to prevent polygamy:P

*OMG...I used 'I' instead of 'the wife' at the end of this entry -,-". well, i have to make clear..I composed this as the third person :P believe that?



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