Friday, November 18, 2011

Project on Eid Adha

Siapa kata yours truly tak celebrate aidil adha?angkat tangan!
Speculations due photos being uploaded in my fb:P

Before we go into the details, let me start with a reminder. For followers who has been with this blog since last year, you must have been reading this entry.
For the new comer, it would be better if you read the entry first before going through this entry. Then, you will understand the spirit we had for this one, I consider, the biggest project of ours.

So, this is about the International House Festival (I-House Matsuri). Now you know, we've been waiting to execute our dream/plan for a year. We know the day will be some day in November. We started planning the details since early October. Only about 2 weeks before the execution day, I got to know it fell on Eid Adha. The only time I have a strong reason to visit other Malaysians in Saijou (and not feeling awkward T__T). Well, fate brought me again raya in the city again. Exactly like last year. Better this year coz it fell on weekend:D

I have been heading to many projects in my life. This is again another one. Personally I think this is the easiest I had handled. You know what I hate being ketua/manager? I have to be the one to be hated. Lol! XD but yes, we have to sacrifice that much so that everything will be in order. People will come to you and reporting. They don't want to be the one who drop the bomb and show the ugly side. That's where you are most wanted. You have to do what you have to do..ignite the bomb and tear off your 'angelic mask'.

I'm gonna drop the issue here. This entry is not about that T___T

I-house matsuri is held every year in November. This is considered the biggest event organized by the city hall for the foreigner. This is a good opportunity for us to promote our Malaysia.

Overall, this matsuri is divided into two main parts, i.e. Food stand (where you can sell our trademark dishes), and 'I Love my land' booth (whereby this is more like a information counter for locals to learn more about Malaysia. So, it is more educational. To spice up our booth, we provided the visitor with congkak and batu seremban so that they won't be filled to much with theories and just talk:P)
Among these two parts, food stand took most of our energy, money and attention. Due to the money part mostly, we focused more on this (you order to get the money back with the profit:P bahahaha). Wakaru?
And...we did:) 

I am not going to exposed the total profit we got here. But I insist you can pm me for details:P

Moving on darlings, I guess the following photos may answer most of your questions:)

I decided to make myself functional behind the counter of the food stand.

Because we are so brilliant..we got the least wanted location..yea..see the people??nampak macam festival tak???yea.ok.that answered T__T

My favourite photo..How Malaysian are we :D

A pose you should avoid. This will only making people passing by to just..pass by >,<

Roti jalan and curry, air bandung and karipap. The chosen Malaysian dishes to be promoted to the Japanese this year. We'll see who's the winner next year pula ye..:D

I was so damn occupied the whole day. Woke up at 530am. Started on roti jala, stop at 9 for solat eiduladha and straight to selling.
Even though it was so tiring, I am looking forward for this project again. Not too long. Just next year:D

Even though I kept saying this project is all about having fun, but I knew deep inside, they feel the pressure. Here, I would like to thank my fellow Malaysians, kawan shopping, kawan tengkar:P for your cooperation, times, ATP, sweats, money and so much of other things that was beyond my knowledge. Arigatou!
I extend my gratitude for Malaysia Tourism, hadn't it not because of them, our Malaysian booth will be just about a table and its cover:P

Jya, see you next year everybody!


  1. bes lg beranak..dpt anak :D haha
    how are you dear?:D

  2. ade bom dropped ye...huhuhu...
    harap takde effect radiasi...
    gomennasai ne... ^_^
    pressure takde lah sgt...hehe penat jek tp bgs utk kesihatan badan dan experience kan. ^_~
    baru terhingat den tak tau total profit bape...kih kih

    BTW...omedetou gozaimashita ..We did it!!! And I ada many many stock milk and tisu ktichen...ehhe sgt2 best. And thanks for letting us using your room too. Hope I can join you guys again next year...Insyaallah if I'm still around ya next autumn.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Bomb tu analogy..u faham kan??@,@
    u ols x rasa la pressure tu kot..i rase weh..kene ctrl sume org yg mcm2 naseb baek ade 5 org je -,-"
    Sama-sama..u are maybe the first, one and only to thank me. arigatou T__T

  5. hehehe...I faham.
    sian pun kat u pasal bilik u tu... tak dapat nak tolong kemas sgt hr tu...berkejar2 dgn pengumuman suruh kluar tu kan. harap skrg dah kembali normal lah keadaan bilik u ye...I still blm clearkan balang2 kuih tu...haha..malassssss dgn sinki yg kocik tu.

  6. its ok biggie.belom kemas jugak.bahaha..balang tu kalo i dok mesia semua i amek je..seryes.i need them very much.but i was thinking it wud be payah nnt bila nk pindah >,< tapi bile pikir balik, nk pindah, buang je la ye tak??hmm...bwk la Yoo lg 2,3.haha..seryes i have issue with storing T_T arigatou..and arigatou for the simpul kasih..profit tu pon x tahula dpt kaver your lost ke tak T__T gomennasai..

  7. hehehe...buang jek nak pindah nanti (nak pindah nanti bg tau ye, yoo dtg tolong pindah barang).
    okes nanti yoo bawak ye ahad depan bekas tu(27hb), yoo ada facial kat eki. me too ade isu dgn storing..kih kih.
    it's okay pasal simpul kasih tu. happy dapat jual habis semua...^_^
    kawan I yg buat kuih tu terharu sgt org jepun makan kuih dia buat... it means a lot to her.

    lps dah kelim karipap, ade keinginan nak buat karipap..haha tp masih belum memulakannye. ;)

  8. wani wani, apron tu comel sgt. DIY kah?

  9. Puan Reen >,< tu apron 100yen je (japanese`s seringgit >,<) kekeke..daiso ade kot :P and ada lg byk gile lg comel.mase i beli ni nk cpt..maka tarik je x smpt pileh >,<



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