Monday, November 14, 2011

What's with me and LDR :/

Speaking of LDR...I refer myself as the expert. If I have to put it on a CV, I pretty much sure I would have the best CV in the whole wide..Google ;P
I have been in LDR since this relationship started (at least at my justification of when it had started :P)

So, total up, 10 years in LDR..I know..please kutip your jaw yang beterabur tu sekarang. Bahaha..
You must be expecting me to be drowned in my own tears by then.

However, back when we were just a couple, I had considerably easy time dealing with LDR. Seriously.
It was very seldom (that I couldn't remember if any) tears came out for whatever purposes related to LDR. To put in words, I am one happy 'heartless' girl (yeah...double meaning :p). To amplify the situation lagi, me and my boyfriend at that time were separated by oceans. He was then studying in Japan while me..where else in Malaysia. He landed home twice a year and that's the only time we date :P and it was always a marathon.

I am still in LDR..sigh..well, rephrase, LDM.
Married for 1 month, I had to move to Hiroshima, located 600km from where our house is located.
Due to Japanese work ethics, getting holidays 'to meet your loved ones' is almost..impossible.
So, we only get to see each other once a month for the longest of 2 nights. If, I got lucky, I can spend more nights during public holidays which is again rare as long as you stay in this country.

I remember the first time I got home to him after moving to Hiroshima. I hoped I would catch flu so that I could stay longer with him. The next day, I woke up with mucus in my nose:P After a week, I still refused to go back to Hiroshima and hubby had to put me in the train :/ *reminds me of how my dad put me in the bus to send me back to my hostel >,<*

My unfortunate events didn't just stop there. My loneliness gets even more exaggerated when I am placed in Kasumi Campus of Hiroshima daigaku which apparently located far far away from the main campus. The main campus is where you can find many foreigners especially Malaysians who came here to do engineering related studies, unlike yours truly. While in this campus, very scarce number of Malaysians who also living like 24/7. There are only...4 of us. Out of that, 2 muslim.

My husband was hoping I have a good social life so that I can do just fine like I had survived LDR when I was in Malaysia.

We both think I did great back in couple years because I was surrounded by families, lots of friends, hectic social life (:p) and also..many things took my attention away! Sometimes he has to beg me for some time to be spent with him on skype. It was so much different back then which made me think I have no problems being in LDR. Dosa pun kurang kan :D

Tapi now, the level of LDR I am in is so much tougher..The test given are getting absurd. That made us realize Allah's plan for us is beyond imagination. We thought this is it. The toughest test is probably this. LDM, 600km apart, once a month, 2 nights, thousands of ringgit for transportation monthly. However, that is not just it. Hubby is now sent to Jakarta for outstation for 6 months. When I heard the news, I felt numb. You know why?Because I am trying to fill up the battery of 'kesabaran' immediately. I know there is no use of what?crying?nothing can be changed. We chose this path and there is no way of turning back. We have to finish what we have started. After all, it's for his own good. He is too young to live just for love. I then, let him go. From waiting period of one month, now, 6 month. Which means, I have to melipatkaligandakan kesabaran and kekuatan for 6 times when in truth, I don't have both anymore.

I was called to write on my version of LDR after reading one of my dear friend on tips for LDR. Read it!it was indeed fulfilling :)
I questioned myself why didn't I ever came out with list of tips like that considering my weird relationship with LDR :/
The answer is..I have none. I stayed by him (although not by him) and so does him all because of the four letters; L.O.V.E.

That's for the tips.

Good day!


  1. yeke..kena anta ke jakarta pulak ke..isk2..saba eh..

  2. ingat Lord of De Ring tadi...ehehehe ;)

  3. :) kurang sket gaduh :) tp rasa rindu tu berlebih-lebihan pula

  4. Anum:iyes..sdg bersabar..halfway through already.3 months has passed :)


    Reen:my husband plak said otherwise:P

  5. agree wif the part he's too young to live just for love..that wat i told my future hubby..he may explore the world as much he wanted..insyaAllah i'll always support him...
    sabar eh darling..i'll teman u dekat twitter ^_^ those experiences will make u grow stronger..gambate..!!

  6. chaiyookkkkkkk mommy!we r in d'same league!

  7. before this, i would couldn't care less about ldr because yes, i was in not their shoes. but after my husband relocates 10,000km away from home only then i realized that ldr is a no joke thingy.

    i admit that i missed him terribly the first few days/weeks but getting i'm tougher as the days pass by. kesabaran ldr tu can only be acquired over time. but hats off to you for being in ldr for 10 years!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Udect:Baik emak T__T
    Mus:I have to warn you, the `tougher` situation will has its end >,< well, maybe just me sebab I LDR and lonely:/



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