Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ni Ju Nana sai -__-"

Omaigod...I really don't know what to write >,< It's like idea kering gitu. If I ever have to sit for writing exam..die!>,<
To begin this beautiful November (Japanese likes November due to ..what else..aki i.e. autumn :]), I will write something juga for you ols my beautiful readers..:D
Anyways, I ended October entries with the 'really-not-necessary' announcement about someone's birthday :D keke..

You know...orang biasa likes yours truly doesn't have many significant days to celebrate. 
But...I love celebrations. Therefore, I like to celebrate people's event. Plan and execute. If you have to compare me with a role in the Twilight saga, I am more like Alice:P haha...I connect with her more (no..not Bella..I.just.could.not.get.her..huhu.but oh well, she is the story teller :|)

The thing is..I don't know how to react when the event is organize to celebrate your truly:/ My face will be a total awkward :S 

Furthermore, this year, I was so much ready to have it without the love of my life around..all over again..just after a perfect birthday I had in the previous year :/
The day started with lack of sleep which then lead to unbearable headache in the morning (I rarely had headache that needs painkiller to manage it. But that day T__T)
Then I woke up late realizing I didn't yet throw my domestic garbage (which is about to be the nest of ulats). I literally speeding up packing the garbage and just a few steps away from the door..'pelepek'!!the garbage bag koyak and all the 'urghhh' stuff inside it..(you know) stained the mirror-like-shining hallway >,<

I forgot to mention. It was Monday T__T
The workloads macam...T___T

Tapi tapi..Allah itu maha adil dan mengasihani kan...
Despite of everything, the birthday that I had was indeed wonderful ^_^

Bad start never means bad ending too:) apparently, we usually remember the ending better than the start isn't it? ^_^

The party started with birthday song by that one guy...with soprano voice -__-"  Excuse my mata bengkak >,<

Home made cake by one of the girls. Around the cake written 'Let's enjoy Hiroshima Uni life' :D and then I got busted in fb for having so much life (a.k.a fun) -__-"
Me with my cake..ehe..yes, that was a mandibular tooth:P
*Excuse my oily face..It was already 8p.m yo (cubaan menegakkan benang basah..-__-")

Memang banyak tu je gegirl yang ada kt dept ni -__-" But alhamdulillah...I mix well with them ^_^

Cake distribution...They treated me like 'pincess'.hahaha..

and of course I got the biggest slice:D mashaAllah..sedap gile kot >,< since the day, I crave for chocolate cake..EVERYDAY while I am not a cake person :/ damn I was maybe drugged again >,<

Hiro means huge. and that was written at my cake yang juga hiro:)

Birthday dinner..mashaAllah besar portion >,< Tapi kene paksa juga telan  >,< because somebody is paying for you..

It was already 10. Ex-birthday girl in front of the celebration venue:) Oh, and I was holding my birthday presents:D 
How old am I?

I am not that secretive la..awal-awal I dah mention..sbg tajuk lagi -__-"

Happy birthday for you, you and it belated or in advance :D



  1. I knew it!! I tried to translate ni ju nana sai b4 i entered ur blog. I was ryt!!! hahaha.

    I only knew nana means 7. The rest I just guessing aje. hihi

    Anyway! looks like u had soo much fun during ur bday! too bad I couldnt taste that delicious looking wisdom tooth cake. kesian kat baby tau! huhuhuhu

  2. alahai siannye pagi tu.. Alhamdulillah rezeki lepas tu kan. :) Syiok dok kat sepital, rajin celebrate besday..kat opis nih semua kijo kijo aje...tak de celebration besday sesape pung. heee..

  3. Mmo:"fun" la sgt >,< dan2 baby yg diblemin..padehal tu EMAK die tu EMAK!haha

    Yoo:mana ada fes time derang celebrate besday..



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