Friday, December 23, 2011

Food for thoughts ^_^

Ehe..harini cuti umum..weird this time everybody wants to get away desperately except me who desperately needed today to accomplish at least small part of my work *pathetic*. So, I beg them to not lock the doors >,<
Browsing through my phone album..banyak juga gambar makanan.
Tapi yang banyaknya, makanan yang orang bagi..hmm..maybe the time I took the pictures, I was thinking to keep the memory of it. And surprise2..if it wasn't of these pictures, I may have already forgotten about their thoughts to me..given in the form of food. ehehe..

Let's browse together with me shall we?

Vietnamese Chicken curry.

My friend Tung (is a Vietnamese) has longed wanting to cook something for me. But of course I said he can't because you know..religion restrictions that he may not got to understand. Then he told me to teach him what he gotta do, and he did with chicken from my refrigerator (Lol XD). That night I declared..vietnamese curry is now the top of the list for curry's family. sedap la..the taste was very light and they used lots of veges in it. Tell ya..Vietnamese are huge vege eaters!

Nasi Beriani and Ayam masak merah.
Yours truly memang lame dah membebel-bebel nak makan nasi beriani and ayam masak merah to this one girl named Intan. Beliau ni memang orang, memang vass sangat nasi beriani beliau >,< I like it very much because the spices' taste weren't so strong which I usually experienced in Indian/Nepal/Pakistan restaurant around this continent. I don't fancy them much! So, Miss Intan is now my official nasi beriani provider :P

On my table a day after my wisdom tooth extraction which was not at all painful :P 

Kuuri rice (Nasi buah berangan-if I'm not mistaken la..coz I always had problems getting them -_-")

This one comel sgt!!I was at first refused to open the nicely wrapped lunchbox (although..all of them here wrap their lunchbox with this kain). Yours truly pun bercita-cita nak bungkus macam ni la..but thinking of how watery our food are..hmm..but it's nice to get this for souvenir also :D
And this is the beginning of me getting addicted to their various type of rice. Serious. Before this I am not a rice person. It took me a year to finish my 10kg rice:/ Japanese pun macam Malay jugak..tak dapat nasi tak kenyang kot :P

Vietnamese rice roll.

The story begins like this. One day we had dinner invitation to one of our Japanese friend's home. Dr. Tung (a Vietnamese) brought this rice roll onto the table. He of course has thought about me and used materials that I could eat (how thoughtful :')). This rice roll consisted of huge amount of veges and on that day he put inside octopus and big prawn. Can you imagine? Then the whole thing was assembled together in a rice roll. They are dipped into thai-style chili sauce. Imagine? Sedapp!!!I love the element of crunchiness of the veges put in it and the freshness you can feel chewing it. Then I keep saying 'I love it'!
Not 10 minutes after I reached home, he sent me the whole plate of the rice roll:|


I think you can easily guessed this food and its origin:P
First time I ate bakso was last year. Has been hearing the word bakso for whole of my life but never really wanna try it. Last year when Indonesian students here was opening a stall, I bought bakso for the first time.
Oh, bakso simply means meatballs! While Malaysian likes to eat meatballs at Ikea with that beef gravy *telan air liur*, they eat it in soup.
And later I got closer with Ulfah (an Indonesian) and I kind of poisoned her mind to cook bakso for me :P Lol XD. The picture was her version of bakso during her house-warming (by force:P).

Indonesian cuisine.

Tempeh yang digoreng bersalut tepung and lots more that I forgot the name -__-" Indonesian food memang banyak bergoreng seperti di atas ini.
Befriend with Indonesians, I had now experienced eating many style of tempeh. hehe..

Japanese style breakfast (fresh tofu could not be fit in the screen:/)

Fuh..finally, this is the real Japanese style breakfast. Memangla sikit-sikit portion nya..tapi kalau dh banyak jenis..jenuh wa nk abeskan..and guess what..I didn't finish them up :/ *which is so unacceptable in their culture*

Oh, anyways, ada banyak lagi gambar makanan kenangan in my phone. This will be the 1st episode of everything ^_^

Happy holiday to all ^_^
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Voucher worth RM300??
Emm..shall I? But this task is too difficult:/ I have to write about my personal favorite from the current trending ThePoplook. to decide when I love all >,<
*Hey not trying to kiss your ass here..I'm just telling the truth :D*

Let me start with the story of me and maxi.
I have been a 'skirt person' from my ancient years..hehe..sebelum berhijrah pun I memang skirt person. I just hate wearing pants especially jeans. But no doubt jeans would solve any problems of matching tops:D
I had slowly filling my closet with long skirts and maxi a few years ago.

Back when I was in Malaysia, I had a hard time finding maxi which fits nicely on my petite body. Despite of that, those pieces which were still irresistible to me, I then used my own hands altering them. hehe..
Then I moved to Japan..all troubles of finding great maxis solved:D (well, however adding trouble to my husband's pocket :P) ..
Then a year after I left Malaysia, maxi has suddenly became more popular >,< and so did ThePoplook >,<

I was at first skeptical towards their collection despite of stunningly beautiful and stylish they are.
Do you know the situation when you see a dress and you could just see yourself  clearly in the dress and rockin' it? I did..just look at this picture :D
This is the dress that stole my heart and decided to give it a try:) This is Chiffon Maxi Dress
*Oh, this was a candid. But I thought I  was looking good although it was already 10p.m :P* 

Me in Chiffon Maxi Dress in maroon :) *Ha, ni pose punya..bahahaha XD.
Ordered from Japan and parcel reached me in 4 days. How efficient they were >,< Keep up ThePoplook!*Best nya Malaysian residence postage fee waive T____T*

First time I came across this dress, my heart was beating fast..haha..and I quickly click on it and wished it came in my size did!!!yatta!!!and the rest was history.
Yours truly has been looking forward to have this exact same dress in here. But too expensive that I go back and rethink. Then ThePoplook offered me with far more reasonable price. In fact I think they sell it cheap;)
So, I purchased a number of dresses together with this red maxi. I love all. The only problem was..I wish I had bought along all the colors available. I swear!they fit into my body so well >,< Thank you ThePoplook for your great invention :D

Me in Polka chiffon maxi dress-light pink.
Similar design with maxi chiffon dress elaborated above. Told ya..because I love the design :D 

I truly think many of their design is an invention. They are made to fit any kind of body shape and frame. For instance the above chiffon maxi. The top part of it is a bit slouchy giving you the space for 'enlargement':P So, no doubt this is the dress you can carry at any sizes you will/have/could become/became *God willing*:P
As for me, this is a dress fits best to hide my bust :P Also, the best for me to wear if I have to travel whole day and have to perform prayer outside (In here, when I said outside it surely means any space available although it is a road full with passers by). Besides, this maxi's length is adjustable *yeah..I am still hoping to gain probably 1 or 2 inches*>,<

So, the maxis are indeed muslimah friendly. I'm sure lots woman like me had difficulties in presenting ourselves as muslimah but at the same time remain stylish. I don't know you girls, but part of my self confidence came from my physical presentation. With the existence of ThePoplook, I could reach up to it with a single click and..everyday visit :P

Ophelia maxi dress-Fuschia.
 Kalau dah nama nya fan of ThePoplook, this one signature of them , a must have:D

Just last week I purchased another dress from them;

Empire Maxi Dress-Yellow
I was at first promised myself just to browse..but this same dress in blush screamed my name so loud which resulted with me 'meroyan' in twitter begging my friends to buy this one for me. (due to some circumstances that I could not buy that myself at that moment..fuh..nasib baik cepat bertindak..if not, OOS!>,<)
I love this empire cut maxi first because, yes, I could see myself rockin' it:P. Apart from that, I love the combination of its top and bottom, whereby the top is very simple, just a singlet which I can then wear the maxi with cardigans/blazer (according to the event) later. So, this dress could be transformed to casual or formal ;) As for the bottom; oh I love the chiffon pleated skirt! should I elaborate more on it? They are brilliant!

To ThePoplook, thank you for providing us with great choices ^_^ (and making my life 'tak keruan' thinking of your collection and waiting for Monday to come every week T______T)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Aki..jumpa lagi ^_^

Autumn (aki) telahpun melabuhkan tirainya..
There's no memories of me and the breath taking view of momiji (red maples) this year. I purposely refused to go on the trip this year as it will only putting the salt on my already severe wound >,<

Among the four season, I view aki as the season for love?haha..(hopeless romantic:P) 
Of course..look at the red color..that's the color of heart (fine..scientifically, there's the color of all organs >,< phone case:|), and the momiji's shape kan seakan2 heart shape >,< (No??o_O)
Tapi aki memang romantic >,< 

*ok,tanak tegakkan benang yang basah lagi.

Us, in Korankei, Toyota.
Have you seen the photo?
I rest my case:D

Friday, December 16, 2011


It's my brainstorming time. Frankly speaking, bathtub is the best place for me to get ideas especially in problem solving! I don't know why..I think my brain got stimulated with the sound of water running?o_O

I am in my office now. Hence, I ended up blogging instead of biting my pen, brainstorming:P

Anyways, this post is important! to remind me of the arrival of my long awaited niece, ms Qalisha Nuwairaa ^_^

Look at her..big eyes, rambut mcm lalang...wahaha..She is adorable ^_^ 

Do you know that her mother is such a troublesome? >,<
Her blood is O-ve pastu tumpah darah:/ Kalau darah tu banyak stok xpe >.< (bahaha...kutuk kakak senirik:P)
Alhamdulillah..semuanya selamat.

Oh, anyways, Ms Qalish (I decided to call her that despite it sounded like a boy's name. For me, Qalish is a boy's name sounded like a girl's. Paham?Lol XD)  was born on the 8th of December, 8.45pm (Thursday). Berikut adalah conversation between me and Qalish's mother:

Me: Bengs!!!(I call both my sisters that..haha) sakit tak >,<
Qalish's mom: Sakit la..serik..(suara mcm br lepas jadi komander kawat)
Me: Caner ko bajet beranak malam jumaat nih. Do you know people tried so hard to labor malam jumaat?
Qalish's mom: ha?yeke?Alhamdulillah..
Me: Berat berapa?
Qalish's mom: 2.7kg. Tapi x larat nk push..last2 tu jerit2 suruh doktor belah je perut..
Me: Lol XD

But my sister did it. Normal labor despite of screaming to have somebody belah je perut beliau. hahaha..
She always have the physical strength if compared to me. I never can lift beras 10kg more than 2 steps. But she could carry it till the kitchen:/ Even she cannot pushes a 2.7kg baby out of her. She said till she used her last drop of energy, the baby came out. Scary *_*

I wish I will be blessed with miraculous strength when the time comes for me. InshaAllah..

I can't wait to hold baby Qalish >,< Now..I have to create a nice story to convince 'my baby' :D

Congrats kakak!!for the arrival of Qalish..

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

I believe

Get yourself married even if you are seeking knowledge. Marriage is not an obstacle
-Ibn 'Uthaymeen.

I believe I am not alone doing this LDM due to study. 
I have ambition. Yes, I do. Will marriage changes the road I built? Apparently yes.
When the wedding is on, everybody around me gave me a certain it my own family, in laws, especially the guy I am married to. They are all together planting the theory that I would, no matter what, further my study in Japan.
Study in JAPAN?Never in my life I dream of that. Learning 3rd language? Learning our own dialect takes me forever to catch (and keep forgetting:|). Furthermore...oh, malas :/ I am so that typical Melayu pemalas (I admit T___T).

A few months before my nuptial, I swear I experience a lot of unexplained situations/incidents.
One of it..enough to makes me jump out of the bed for subuh prayer every morning since the day I had it. Allah has its way in showing us His existence.

The road for me to get where I am now is indeed absurd too. I don't think people will believe me if I tell the story. Trust me 1 twitter space is enough to tell you the whole story. But I choose to keep it till here:D hehe..I believe, it was all because of doa from people around me. I never asked. But Allah gave me this. And deep down, husband and myself very much sure, I am at the right place to be, the right person to be around.

When people say, marriage brings a lot of 'rezeki'..that I believe:)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum and..konnichiwa..'s been a long time since my last update.
The last entry pun about pieces of my wardrobe's advertisement:P

Me?I am good. What else keep me away from writing for you; work. Loads of it. I have to say I like it to be busy at this moment. It's a way to cheat this lonely heart you know:D But, how long can I take this >,<

Despite of the busyness, I still very active in sharing thought about my life, other people's (:P) also, some unrelated stuff. Blogging needs me to sit, and write in a flow. While twitter as you know..we just need to..tweet!tweet it away and our thought are expressed. That's where most of my thoughts have been channeled too at the time of no way I'm going to sit and compose a long entry.

A lot happened during my hiatus. This blog is not alone. My fb is also on hiatus too:P I'm thinking to delete it anyways, but cannot delete kan??Just inactive jela..or, let it be.
Well, when I was in fb pun, I just interested to check on people's status je. Apparently, twitter do most of it.

So people, I am still here in this net-world. Just stuck in different channel. Find me there as @roslizawani.

Good news!My mood to write has slowly coming back. Watch out ya!

Sending love to everybody today..wishing you a great day ahead ^_^
Jya matta next entry  (see you in the next entry; direct translation..bahhaa)

Friday, December 2, 2011

To let go: Tops

Maybe you are looking for these?^_^

1. Dusty pink sexy-back by GAP (RM300yen/RM10)


Size: S (can fit M very well too :))
A little bare on the back top ^_^ Wear a black inner and you just improvised to whole look to the sexier:P

2. Forever21 cardigan (300yen/RM10)

Whole look
Button and curls

Help improvised the earthy-colored shirts you have in your closet! 

3. Black Blazer (2000yen/RM65each)

a. Glacier

 Size: S (can fit M)
Worn once.

b. Cinema

satin lining in the inside. cozy!

Size: M (both)

Extra information: Two ways. You can wear as formal outfit or wear them with a pair of jeans^_^ 

Tell me about it via:
and I`ll tell you how:)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

To let go: MANGO by MNG

Looking for a strap pouch to carry for a short walk?

I have one. Never worn.

Selling cheap! Only for 300yen or RM10!!

Sling pouch.

Cotton lining in the inside ^_^

Contact me!



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