Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A's spring roll

After 4 years of marriage and 10 years of 'special friend' status before that, you think you know your husband well enough ha?

Since we stay together I discover a lot of surprising (or more to shocking) things he'd do, that he think that is normal. I'm sure he found mine too, but he doesn't have blog so he cannot tell the world about it :p

Spring roll for breakfast

           When there are public holiday and it will be only me at home, I will always try my best to stock up some frozen food like spring rolls, curry puff, etc. I'm sure you know how important are all these stocks for working wife. It is extra important if you live abroad. You know. Then, this one Sunday, I felt like wanting to be pampered. So, I asked 'A' to fry some spring rolls for me. The spring rolls that I have thawed since last night. He, being sweet as always, went to the kitchen and start his 'operation'. After a lot of accidents and impossible things he'd done in the kitchen so far, I never trust him to be alone in the kitchen. 

           Of course my ass is so warm (panas bon***), worried of what will happen to the kitchen. My lovely kitchen (he will be fine, guys). Although I determine to have my breakfast on bed that morning, I just had the feeling that something is wrong. I left the bed and went to the kitchen. I was extremely shocked to see the spring roll was bergelimpangan dalam kuali just like that, no cooking oil whatsoever. There he was, standing looking at me with his proud smile for being a sweet husband, one hand holding a senduk. Me, while looking at my jaw which has already dropped on the floor was so speechless. Never in my life I eat a grilled vegetable spring roll.

It's not that he is changing to healthy lifestyle guys, to the point that you gotta grill your spring roll. He's just completely clueless on how spring roll is cooked T_T 

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