Friday, January 9, 2015

The Majestic Reunion

Somebody is getting married!!!

I was in KL for 2 weeks before the new year. I went back a few days earlier than husband and oh boy, how busy I was trying to squeeze every minute I have available with the people I care.
I don't know if the feelings are mutual, but I really care about them very much that I wanted to see them badly. I don't do 'whatsapp only' to these people. Plus, so many people are complaining that I said too much when whatsapp that they can't catch up.haha xp. I still need to learn how to whatsapp properly. Could be my new year's resolution. Saving husband's money from my frequent trip home :D

Anyway, in a week, I made many meetings, for work as well as for the sake of silaturrahim. It does not take one to tango. I can't thank enough to my friends who made time for me in such a short notice. So, basically, I had 3 meaningful meetings each day before husband arrives. haha...In other words, I tried to live like the single lady as hard as I can lifetime commitment get back. 

One of the most meaningful, most awaited reunion of all was..with these girls..

From right: Fifi, Nini and..Kala . My unimates, once upon a time. Can't believe how long it was already >,<
Because it was a reunion after 4 years (!), I decided it was time to finally visit the place that I really wanted to go for a long time...The Majestic Hotel! As one who lives in KL, plus, my in laws house is just nearby, I need to have a very strong reason to come and eat in here. You know what I mean? So if it's not a reunion after 4 years never set eyes with each other, and one of them is getting married (!), I don't know what else could be use to reason eating in the neighboring area. hahaha xp

Just look at the ambiance in the picture above. OMG..I loved it!! So in love!It's like, I don't mind how much they'll charge me for a session. Apparently guys, now, even the colonial cafe need booking. Of course I wasn't aware coz I thought only the orchid room. And of course if we could, we would love to date in the orchid too, but, the decision to come home was made in such a short notice. FYI, orchid  room need a month booking in prior. But I tell you guys, it's so gorgeous. Please visit it for once.

We were lucky that day, that there was one (huge) table left. Actually there was two, and I wanted the round one, but the sweet waitress told me I had a better table which is facing a piano which will be played the whole evening. And according to her, the round table would not fit our order. ahaha xp. But, I agreed as soon as I hear there will be piano performance in front of me. Ahh..I thought what a perfect ambiance for a girls reunion. 

As for the food, the menu is fixed shall you order for hi tea session. They charge per head, but it's up to you how many head you want them to count (RM48+/pax). For example, there were 3 of us. Then I thought we need to order 3 sets. But, then the sweet waitress said that that will be too much. She advised us to only get two sets, and add another tea.  The food served is very generous. There were sandwiches, scones (awesome ones), cupcakes (try the RV. tdf!) and several other sweets (I can't remember coz I was full before reaching to the level serving them). There were a pot of hot food too, which consist of beancurd roll (my fav), dimsum (my fav), the Malaysia burger (inside got sambal tu), and..I can't remember coz I was full when this pot arrived. bahaha xp But, I think they will certainly change the menu by time :)

We seriously had a blast over there. So relaxing and what a beautiful place the tea lounge is. If only it was weekend. Coz I remember the urge to leave as soon as the clock struck 5pm. I dread of the traffic >,< And the location of The Majestic Hotel is just too awesome to get stuck in the 5pm wet-weekday-traffic. 

This place is so awesome that we made a promise to ourselves that, we must visit this place at least once a year! We even talked about coming out with reason to stay in the hotel. lol xp 

Check it out, the video I took intended to share with you how awesome this place is. I'm sorry that it is a bimbo-styled :p

So, to Kala, if you read this;

Selamat Pengantin Baru!!
I'm sorry I could not attend the ceremony.
I wish you all the best in your marriage. 
Lots of babies please!!

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