Friday, January 16, 2015

Mee goreng

Do you know the situation when you already know the answer for a question, and yet you keep for 4 years?

You know, everything I sign up to, name it the study, the work, and especially a signing up to a lifetime commitment such as marriage, I would do it the best I can. Simply because I have no mental capacity to deal with failure or worse, regret.

Year by year, I tried to improve any part of me that are lacking (Except for the height...that is beyond my power. Ahaha xp). I tried to improve at the smallest point as possible. Like everyday before husband goes to work, I would ask the same question:

"What do you want to eat for dinner, sweetheart?"

And..I realized, he always gave me the same answer;

"Mee goreng"

I think after 40 times, I have stopped listening to his answer. But, the weird thing is, I keep asking him everyday. It's kind of a habit already. Subconciously, however, I just asked without giving a damn for his answer.

On another note is, what's with him and mee goreng. And I tell you, he will be over the moon whenever I really cook mee goreng for dinner.

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