Saturday, January 10, 2015

Oh my Noritake!

Have you ever heard people saying "like makcik-makcik" when you started to develop obsession towards pretty tablewares?
I've heard that so many times, but never agreed. Coz I think I have develop such an interest at a very early age. I just love nice tableware. It doesn't necessarily branded, it is enough that it is unique and most importantly neat and solid in design (see...even the basic criteria already complicated).

Now that I can afford it, I have been using Noritake for all of my tablewares and cutleries. Just cause I am currently residing in Japan, I decided to enjoy what Japan can offer me. One of it is...of course...easy access and cheaper Noritake. hehe..

No, I will not discuss with you about Noritake. 
I just want to share with you my horrible, nightmare experience when you decided to use Noritake for everyday use.

I have several sets of Noritake tablewares that I'm using everyday.
They are the green ceramic set, the gold plated, and platinum plated which I really love and decided to enjoy using them as frequent as I could. The problem started when I keep the plates standing vertically on a wire rack. Oh boy, how big mistake that was. Just recently, I noticed that the gold and platinum platings have somehow faded at the side that touches the wire rack. Scratches are seen here and there. I was horrified and have been screaming of pain, pretending like I was the injured plates. Seriously guys, I can feel them >,< It's like I have been neglecting their well-being. I'm sorry my Noritakes :(

So now, I declared that the ceramic Noritake is my favorite for everyday use. From these experience, I think the ceramic are more sturdy for everyday use. I still like the fine China one, but after this horrible experience, I decided to use them only in special occasion. I can't stand looking at their scars. I wish I noticed it sooner so that it can be salvaged:( From this experience also I learnt that the best way to store plated tablewares are by stacking them horizontally. Besides that, make sure the gold/silver/platinum plating does not touch on any harsh surface for a long time.

Now I understand why my mother has been keeping her nice tableware inside the cupboard ever since...before I was born perhaps.

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