Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Number 76, MidValley

The Private Room of Number 76, Northpoint, Midvalley

Alhamdulillah..that now the awareness of muslimah-friendly saloon in Kuala Lumpur has increased tremendously these past few years. Everytime I come back to KL for holiday, visit to the hair saloon and body spa is one of the priority. Trust me girls, we just had to do it better when you are married.

Because I have this opportunity like once in months, so I need to get it done in the best place possible. After several bad trials, I figured that the best spa for me is Khareyana spa. It isn't just located near to my mother's, but the ambiance, service so far has been great. I hope it continues that way. I had the privilege to visit Khareyana just once a year. That's sad, I know. But, every time I come, the service has always been great. I've tried a few other spas thinking that probably I need to widen the selection. But, often at the end of the treatment, I found that they couldn't beat the satisfaction I gained when I step out of Khareyana, in so many areas, especially the facial part.

Back to the hair part. I have been trying quite a few saloon. Some of them I google, and some was recommendation from friends. During raya last year, I went to one of the saloon in Shah Alam. The saloon that time has just opened and major in social media. Myself also, fell into their marketing technique. I'm sure it was just me who feels this way because the feedback for this saloon has been good, I think. If not, it won't open a second branch, right? :D

Earlier, I went to the Number76Style as I heard they have private room. It was in March 2013, I think. This time I came, the room has been expanded, in fact the whole saloon has been expanded, which is impressive. I took the morning session, and the session was awesome. Like last time I asked them to salvaged my hair from a really horrible haircut I got it from a saloon which I shall not mention its name. So now, the private room can be occupied by 3 muslimahs or anyone who prefers privacy at once. But, of course you need to book. I was attended by two hairdressers, which are so nice and professionals. They are females. Although the staff are mainly Chinese, they are very aware of our sensitivities. They asked permission for every action they want to take, and being extra cautious whenever they want to enter or step out of the private room. 

Because I couldn't be committed to all these treatments of loving your body as frequent as many woman in Malaysia, every visit, I would do everything I can. lol xp. So, I'll make sure I get maximum treatment in the time span I have. For visit this time, I asked them, how was my hair and what does it need. So, they took out out the scalp microscope and showed the image to me. The image will reveal your scalp condition, hair root, and your hair thickness/thinness. They briefed me a little and recommended the scalp treatment in order to get a healthier hair root. But, I asked them to do hair treatment as well. The price? It was considerably cheaper than any other hair saloon I have been too. My hair appeared so smooth even until today! (Usually, the smoothness will only 'tahan' until you wash it next time). Even husband is complimenting than my hair looks different, although all I did was treatment and a little trimming. I remember the treatment I got from the saloon in Shah Alam. I did the same kind of service. They finished in 20 minutes and charged be for a bloody 1man (10,000yen).

Hospitality of its kind
The owner of Number76Style is a Japanese. So, expect the saloon to have the Japanese hospitality. Let's say one day I would need to return to KL for good, this place is gonna be the good place to 'melepaskan rindu' to Japan and its hospitality which is out of the world.

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