Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just get going

My problem from azali would be...laziness.
I'm so lazy, u have no idea guys. But as I grow older, I started to be really aware of my laziness. I don't allow myself to be lazy at all. Then, if I manage to combat the feeling for a long long time, I will grant myself one day to be all lazy. hahahaha xp. On that special day, I will do whatever I'd like to do without worrying a single thing. There was one time, I decided I want to stay on the couch watching Running Man all day. I really did.

Problem with lazy, although you may not be troublesome for other people, but, it will take toll on you in so many ways. One would be your health, which we always take it for granted. Second is, your motivation. Teenager may not understand what I was saying. But I think people my age which knows ourselves better than years ago, would understand how easy we lost it. The motivation. When we lose it, it will be hard to regain, except with a lot of determination. In my mind I always imagine dragging myself out of the house and do something for the day. 

For example, I don't know if this is happening to you guys, but I always feels so lazy and unmotivated to get back to work after a long holiday. Even after 1 extra weekend. My mind and body likes it at home, cook for my husband and just do my hobbies (which I haven't had time to do at this age, of course). I don't know if this is really true, but I met many people said that 'I might have a lot of hobbies because I'm a Scorpio'. hahahaha xp Is it? This mix feeling of lazy and demotivated has become worse now that I live with him! It isn't just about the long break anymore, I feel like this dragging feeling happens every morning now. 

So, I'm making it my 2015 resolution, to fight this lazy demon in me which seems to grow as my love grows for my husband every day. They are like parasite in me. 

I now know how to rectify this situation. I tried many ways to get myself together before people around here started to hate me and my laziness. You want to know how?
Just get going. Push yourself to go out and do something for the society. Make yourself feels good, then only you can enjoy what you love with free mind, without questioning what have you done to deserve it. So far, it works. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A's spring roll

After 4 years of marriage and 10 years of 'special friend' status before that, you think you know your husband well enough ha?

Since we stay together I discover a lot of surprising (or more to shocking) things he'd do, that he think that is normal. I'm sure he found mine too, but he doesn't have blog so he cannot tell the world about it :p

Spring roll for breakfast

           When there are public holiday and it will be only me at home, I will always try my best to stock up some frozen food like spring rolls, curry puff, etc. I'm sure you know how important are all these stocks for working wife. It is extra important if you live abroad. You know. Then, this one Sunday, I felt like wanting to be pampered. So, I asked 'A' to fry some spring rolls for me. The spring rolls that I have thawed since last night. He, being sweet as always, went to the kitchen and start his 'operation'. After a lot of accidents and impossible things he'd done in the kitchen so far, I never trust him to be alone in the kitchen. 

           Of course my ass is so warm (panas bon***), worried of what will happen to the kitchen. My lovely kitchen (he will be fine, guys). Although I determine to have my breakfast on bed that morning, I just had the feeling that something is wrong. I left the bed and went to the kitchen. I was extremely shocked to see the spring roll was bergelimpangan dalam kuali just like that, no cooking oil whatsoever. There he was, standing looking at me with his proud smile for being a sweet husband, one hand holding a senduk. Me, while looking at my jaw which has already dropped on the floor was so speechless. Never in my life I eat a grilled vegetable spring roll.

It's not that he is changing to healthy lifestyle guys, to the point that you gotta grill your spring roll. He's just completely clueless on how spring roll is cooked T_T 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Mee goreng

Do you know the situation when you already know the answer for a question, and yet you keep for 4 years?

You know, everything I sign up to, name it the study, the work, and especially a signing up to a lifetime commitment such as marriage, I would do it the best I can. Simply because I have no mental capacity to deal with failure or worse, regret.

Year by year, I tried to improve any part of me that are lacking (Except for the height...that is beyond my power. Ahaha xp). I tried to improve at the smallest point as possible. Like everyday before husband goes to work, I would ask the same question:

"What do you want to eat for dinner, sweetheart?"

And..I realized, he always gave me the same answer;

"Mee goreng"

I think after 40 times, I have stopped listening to his answer. But, the weird thing is, I keep asking him everyday. It's kind of a habit already. Subconciously, however, I just asked without giving a damn for his answer.

On another note is, what's with him and mee goreng. And I tell you, he will be over the moon whenever I really cook mee goreng for dinner.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Number 76, MidValley

The Private Room of Number 76, Northpoint, Midvalley

Alhamdulillah..that now the awareness of muslimah-friendly saloon in Kuala Lumpur has increased tremendously these past few years. Everytime I come back to KL for holiday, visit to the hair saloon and body spa is one of the priority. Trust me girls, we just had to do it better when you are married.

Because I have this opportunity like once in months, so I need to get it done in the best place possible. After several bad trials, I figured that the best spa for me is Khareyana spa. It isn't just located near to my mother's, but the ambiance, service so far has been great. I hope it continues that way. I had the privilege to visit Khareyana just once a year. That's sad, I know. But, every time I come, the service has always been great. I've tried a few other spas thinking that probably I need to widen the selection. But, often at the end of the treatment, I found that they couldn't beat the satisfaction I gained when I step out of Khareyana, in so many areas, especially the facial part.

Back to the hair part. I have been trying quite a few saloon. Some of them I google, and some was recommendation from friends. During raya last year, I went to one of the saloon in Shah Alam. The saloon that time has just opened and major in social media. Myself also, fell into their marketing technique. I'm sure it was just me who feels this way because the feedback for this saloon has been good, I think. If not, it won't open a second branch, right? :D

Earlier, I went to the Number76Style as I heard they have private room. It was in March 2013, I think. This time I came, the room has been expanded, in fact the whole saloon has been expanded, which is impressive. I took the morning session, and the session was awesome. Like last time I asked them to salvaged my hair from a really horrible haircut I got it from a saloon which I shall not mention its name. So now, the private room can be occupied by 3 muslimahs or anyone who prefers privacy at once. But, of course you need to book. I was attended by two hairdressers, which are so nice and professionals. They are females. Although the staff are mainly Chinese, they are very aware of our sensitivities. They asked permission for every action they want to take, and being extra cautious whenever they want to enter or step out of the private room. 

Because I couldn't be committed to all these treatments of loving your body as frequent as many woman in Malaysia, every visit, I would do everything I can. lol xp. So, I'll make sure I get maximum treatment in the time span I have. For visit this time, I asked them, how was my hair and what does it need. So, they took out out the scalp microscope and showed the image to me. The image will reveal your scalp condition, hair root, and your hair thickness/thinness. They briefed me a little and recommended the scalp treatment in order to get a healthier hair root. But, I asked them to do hair treatment as well. The price? It was considerably cheaper than any other hair saloon I have been too. My hair appeared so smooth even until today! (Usually, the smoothness will only 'tahan' until you wash it next time). Even husband is complimenting than my hair looks different, although all I did was treatment and a little trimming. I remember the treatment I got from the saloon in Shah Alam. I did the same kind of service. They finished in 20 minutes and charged be for a bloody 1man (10,000yen).

Hospitality of its kind
The owner of Number76Style is a Japanese. So, expect the saloon to have the Japanese hospitality. Let's say one day I would need to return to KL for good, this place is gonna be the good place to 'melepaskan rindu' to Japan and its hospitality which is out of the world.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Oh my Noritake!

Have you ever heard people saying "like makcik-makcik" when you started to develop obsession towards pretty tablewares?
I've heard that so many times, but never agreed. Coz I think I have develop such an interest at a very early age. I just love nice tableware. It doesn't necessarily branded, it is enough that it is unique and most importantly neat and solid in design (see...even the basic criteria already complicated).

Now that I can afford it, I have been using Noritake for all of my tablewares and cutleries. Just cause I am currently residing in Japan, I decided to enjoy what Japan can offer me. One of it is...of course...easy access and cheaper Noritake. hehe..

No, I will not discuss with you about Noritake. 
I just want to share with you my horrible, nightmare experience when you decided to use Noritake for everyday use.

I have several sets of Noritake tablewares that I'm using everyday.
They are the green ceramic set, the gold plated, and platinum plated which I really love and decided to enjoy using them as frequent as I could. The problem started when I keep the plates standing vertically on a wire rack. Oh boy, how big mistake that was. Just recently, I noticed that the gold and platinum platings have somehow faded at the side that touches the wire rack. Scratches are seen here and there. I was horrified and have been screaming of pain, pretending like I was the injured plates. Seriously guys, I can feel them >,< It's like I have been neglecting their well-being. I'm sorry my Noritakes :(

So now, I declared that the ceramic Noritake is my favorite for everyday use. From these experience, I think the ceramic are more sturdy for everyday use. I still like the fine China one, but after this horrible experience, I decided to use them only in special occasion. I can't stand looking at their scars. I wish I noticed it sooner so that it can be salvaged:( From this experience also I learnt that the best way to store plated tablewares are by stacking them horizontally. Besides that, make sure the gold/silver/platinum plating does not touch on any harsh surface for a long time.

Now I understand why my mother has been keeping her nice tableware inside the cupboard ever since...before I was born perhaps.

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Majestic Reunion

Somebody is getting married!!!

I was in KL for 2 weeks before the new year. I went back a few days earlier than husband and oh boy, how busy I was trying to squeeze every minute I have available with the people I care.
I don't know if the feelings are mutual, but I really care about them very much that I wanted to see them badly. I don't do 'whatsapp only' to these people. Plus, so many people are complaining that I said too much when whatsapp that they can't catch up.haha xp. I still need to learn how to whatsapp properly. Could be my new year's resolution. Saving husband's money from my frequent trip home :D

Anyway, in a week, I made many meetings, for work as well as for the sake of silaturrahim. It does not take one to tango. I can't thank enough to my friends who made time for me in such a short notice. So, basically, I had 3 meaningful meetings each day before husband arrives. haha...In other words, I tried to live like the single lady as hard as I can lifetime commitment get back. 

One of the most meaningful, most awaited reunion of all was..with these girls..

From right: Fifi, Nini and..Kala . My unimates, once upon a time. Can't believe how long it was already >,<
Because it was a reunion after 4 years (!), I decided it was time to finally visit the place that I really wanted to go for a long time...The Majestic Hotel! As one who lives in KL, plus, my in laws house is just nearby, I need to have a very strong reason to come and eat in here. You know what I mean? So if it's not a reunion after 4 years never set eyes with each other, and one of them is getting married (!), I don't know what else could be use to reason eating in the neighboring area. hahaha xp

Just look at the ambiance in the picture above. OMG..I loved it!! So in love!It's like, I don't mind how much they'll charge me for a session. Apparently guys, now, even the colonial cafe need booking. Of course I wasn't aware coz I thought only the orchid room. And of course if we could, we would love to date in the orchid too, but, the decision to come home was made in such a short notice. FYI, orchid  room need a month booking in prior. But I tell you guys, it's so gorgeous. Please visit it for once.

We were lucky that day, that there was one (huge) table left. Actually there was two, and I wanted the round one, but the sweet waitress told me I had a better table which is facing a piano which will be played the whole evening. And according to her, the round table would not fit our order. ahaha xp. But, I agreed as soon as I hear there will be piano performance in front of me. Ahh..I thought what a perfect ambiance for a girls reunion. 

As for the food, the menu is fixed shall you order for hi tea session. They charge per head, but it's up to you how many head you want them to count (RM48+/pax). For example, there were 3 of us. Then I thought we need to order 3 sets. But, then the sweet waitress said that that will be too much. She advised us to only get two sets, and add another tea.  The food served is very generous. There were sandwiches, scones (awesome ones), cupcakes (try the RV. tdf!) and several other sweets (I can't remember coz I was full before reaching to the level serving them). There were a pot of hot food too, which consist of beancurd roll (my fav), dimsum (my fav), the Malaysia burger (inside got sambal tu), and..I can't remember coz I was full when this pot arrived. bahaha xp But, I think they will certainly change the menu by time :)

We seriously had a blast over there. So relaxing and what a beautiful place the tea lounge is. If only it was weekend. Coz I remember the urge to leave as soon as the clock struck 5pm. I dread of the traffic >,< And the location of The Majestic Hotel is just too awesome to get stuck in the 5pm wet-weekday-traffic. 

This place is so awesome that we made a promise to ourselves that, we must visit this place at least once a year! We even talked about coming out with reason to stay in the hotel. lol xp 

Check it out, the video I took intended to share with you how awesome this place is. I'm sorry that it is a bimbo-styled :p

So, to Kala, if you read this;

Selamat Pengantin Baru!!
I'm sorry I could not attend the ceremony.
I wish you all the best in your marriage. 
Lots of babies please!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The need to have the new year`s resolution

Happy New Year everyone!

I know, 6 days has passed, and only now I get to leave some notes in here.
Whenever I'm cycling (or driving), my mind always wanders about life. More to pondering about something and always I plan to share it with the readers. What I thought, not worrying if I'm going to be judge. It was a long time ago I give up the worry of being judge. Maybe it comes with age, the bravery of expressing your thoughts.

Anyway, when 2014 was approaching to its end, I remember I was in the state of..lack of confidence, sad, and full of regrets. I don't know the cause of me feeling down like that. To sooth myself, I asked myself what have I achieved in the year 2014. To get the answer, I need to think very hard. Very hard, that making up whatever I think I have done good is not possible. You know, you can always tells good about yourself to feel good. But I have none.
I know why.
It was because I had no resolution whatsoever for the year 2014.
So, when you don't have anything you want, you plan to achieve, then, there will be no achievement at the end of the day. Happiness comes from the feeling of satisfied. Satisfaction comes from having desires. Having desires means you know what you want.

At that point of time, I feeling envy to the people I know, knowing very well what they want, although they might sound greedy at a time. Now, I know why you need to have a little greediness in life so that at the end of the day you can be proud of yourself, although you may not be able to achieve all.

It's not like I didn't do anything at all in the year 2014. It does not really register into my memory just probably because of the things I have gained are not the things I was looking for. Coz, I didn't looking forward into anything. For me, I'll go with the flow. Now I know, I can't just go with the flow. Going with the flow without knowing the direction you are going is just like letting yourself drifting in the air, becoming not significant. By the time you realized, you have lost a lot of time, not leaving any trace of you the whole time. Then, you'll feel worthless and wishing to turn back time.

I don't know if this is the middle age crisis. But, I want myself to know, I wouldn't let her feels that way again. I wouldn't make myself drift away and start thinking of what I want for myself. I need to have new year's resolution.

Now, let's make the list!


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