Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To let go: Maxi dress

Meet the first batch of dresses I decided to let go ^_^

Peach blush maxi (1000yen/RM38)

Whole look ^_^
Chest are

Boleh improvised with sash or belt here ^_^

Size: Free
Length: 120-130cm (adjustable shoulder strap)
Material: Jersey
Inner: Satin lycra
History: Wore once only!
Extra information: So flowy! Top with a turquoise cardigan and every eyes will be on you!^_^

Little black maxi (500yen/RM15)

Whole look ^_^
Neck area-adjustable

Back part

Size: S
Length: 120cm
Material: Cotton
Inner: None
History: Worn (but in a good condition)
Extra information: Good to go with pink or black cardigan ^_^


Mocha cotton maxi (1500yen/RM55)

Whole look ^_^
Soft japanese cotton ^_^

Size: Free
Length: 130cm
Material: Soft cotton
Inner: None
History: Never worn
Extra information: Brand new and custom made.

Baby blue maxi (1500yen/RM55)

The whole look-sangat flowy!!!
The part where you can improvised the look ^_^

ruffles from neck to chest area.

Size: Free
Length: 130cm
Material: Chiffon silk
Inner: satin lycra
History: Worn once
Extra information: To.die.for. >,<

Tell me about it via:
and I`ll tell you how:)

*Postage fees are not included in the prices shown.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

cuter than this!

Watch out for something cuter than....

not me..that bear:P
no..this time I'm not showing off..
They are for you,with a good deal^_^

well then,stay tuned!^_^

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Friday, November 25, 2011


I heard a lot of stories about other departments. I swear 90% of them are plain bad reviews. Mostly about how they are mistreated and misunderstood by other members. You know..not all locals here are nice>,<
However, alhamdulillah..after a year, I never been in such situations. In fact, they are those who tried so hard to fit into me (not the other way around which is supposed to happen >,<).

Here, I am equally treated as locals in fact in some cases I was given privilages for being a foreigner. I have to say,studying in foreign country as foreign people has more pros for the study itself. I am not burdened by admin works like I had been once upon a time.
Currently being in the shoes of foreigner, I observed much of other people. You know a situation whereby you are at a new place but characters around you are your deja-vu?

Back in my MU years, I have this small groups. All of us are a freak in our own way:P Surprisingly I met the exact same characters for each of them, including myself. heh!
It's interesting to see other person playing the role like you..and of course I can easily read her:P

Overall, I love the place fate has brought me into. Alhamdulillah for this smooth sailing and I pray for this be for long:) InshaAllah..doakan yours truly, k?

Oh,back to the title..
Despite everything they gave me..

See..they gave me a personal locker with mirror hanging ABOVE my head:| It's been a year and I never can suluh my face there>,<

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Project on Eid Adha

Siapa kata yours truly tak celebrate aidil adha?angkat tangan!
Speculations due photos being uploaded in my fb:P

Before we go into the details, let me start with a reminder. For followers who has been with this blog since last year, you must have been reading this entry.
For the new comer, it would be better if you read the entry first before going through this entry. Then, you will understand the spirit we had for this one, I consider, the biggest project of ours.

So, this is about the International House Festival (I-House Matsuri). Now you know, we've been waiting to execute our dream/plan for a year. We know the day will be some day in November. We started planning the details since early October. Only about 2 weeks before the execution day, I got to know it fell on Eid Adha. The only time I have a strong reason to visit other Malaysians in Saijou (and not feeling awkward T__T). Well, fate brought me again raya in the city again. Exactly like last year. Better this year coz it fell on weekend:D

I have been heading to many projects in my life. This is again another one. Personally I think this is the easiest I had handled. You know what I hate being ketua/manager? I have to be the one to be hated. Lol! XD but yes, we have to sacrifice that much so that everything will be in order. People will come to you and reporting. They don't want to be the one who drop the bomb and show the ugly side. That's where you are most wanted. You have to do what you have to do..ignite the bomb and tear off your 'angelic mask'.

I'm gonna drop the issue here. This entry is not about that T___T

I-house matsuri is held every year in November. This is considered the biggest event organized by the city hall for the foreigner. This is a good opportunity for us to promote our Malaysia.

Overall, this matsuri is divided into two main parts, i.e. Food stand (where you can sell our trademark dishes), and 'I Love my land' booth (whereby this is more like a information counter for locals to learn more about Malaysia. So, it is more educational. To spice up our booth, we provided the visitor with congkak and batu seremban so that they won't be filled to much with theories and just talk:P)
Among these two parts, food stand took most of our energy, money and attention. Due to the money part mostly, we focused more on this (you order to get the money back with the profit:P bahahaha). Wakaru?
And...we did:) 

I am not going to exposed the total profit we got here. But I insist you can pm me for details:P

Moving on darlings, I guess the following photos may answer most of your questions:)

I decided to make myself functional behind the counter of the food stand.

Because we are so brilliant..we got the least wanted location..yea..see the people??nampak macam festival tak???yea.ok.that answered T__T

My favourite photo..How Malaysian are we :D

A pose you should avoid. This will only making people passing by to just..pass by >,<

Roti jalan and curry, air bandung and karipap. The chosen Malaysian dishes to be promoted to the Japanese this year. We'll see who's the winner next year pula ye..:D

I was so damn occupied the whole day. Woke up at 530am. Started on roti jala, stop at 9 for solat eiduladha and straight to selling.
Even though it was so tiring, I am looking forward for this project again. Not too long. Just next year:D

Even though I kept saying this project is all about having fun, but I knew deep inside, they feel the pressure. Here, I would like to thank my fellow Malaysians, kawan shopping, kawan tengkar:P for your cooperation, times, ATP, sweats, money and so much of other things that was beyond my knowledge. Arigatou!
I extend my gratitude for Malaysia Tourism, hadn't it not because of them, our Malaysian booth will be just about a table and its cover:P

Jya, see you next year everybody!

Monday, November 14, 2011

What's with me and LDR :/

Speaking of LDR...I refer myself as the expert. If I have to put it on a CV, I pretty much sure I would have the best CV in the whole wide..Google ;P
I have been in LDR since this relationship started (at least at my justification of when it had started :P)

So, total up, 10 years in LDR..I know..please kutip your jaw yang beterabur tu sekarang. Bahaha..
You must be expecting me to be drowned in my own tears by then.

However, back when we were just a couple, I had considerably easy time dealing with LDR. Seriously.
It was very seldom (that I couldn't remember if any) tears came out for whatever purposes related to LDR. To put in words, I am one happy 'heartless' girl (yeah...double meaning :p). To amplify the situation lagi, me and my boyfriend at that time were separated by oceans. He was then studying in Japan while me..where else in Malaysia. He landed home twice a year and that's the only time we date :P and it was always a marathon.

I am still in LDR..sigh..well, rephrase, LDM.
Married for 1 month, I had to move to Hiroshima, located 600km from where our house is located.
Due to Japanese work ethics, getting holidays 'to meet your loved ones' is almost..impossible.
So, we only get to see each other once a month for the longest of 2 nights. If, I got lucky, I can spend more nights during public holidays which is again rare as long as you stay in this country.

I remember the first time I got home to him after moving to Hiroshima. I hoped I would catch flu so that I could stay longer with him. The next day, I woke up with mucus in my nose:P After a week, I still refused to go back to Hiroshima and hubby had to put me in the train :/ *reminds me of how my dad put me in the bus to send me back to my hostel >,<*

My unfortunate events didn't just stop there. My loneliness gets even more exaggerated when I am placed in Kasumi Campus of Hiroshima daigaku which apparently located far far away from the main campus. The main campus is where you can find many foreigners especially Malaysians who came here to do engineering related studies, unlike yours truly. While in this campus, very scarce number of Malaysians who also living like 24/7. There are only...4 of us. Out of that, 2 muslim.

My husband was hoping I have a good social life so that I can do just fine like I had survived LDR when I was in Malaysia.

We both think I did great back in couple years because I was surrounded by families, lots of friends, hectic social life (:p) and also..many things took my attention away! Sometimes he has to beg me for some time to be spent with him on skype. It was so much different back then which made me think I have no problems being in LDR. Dosa pun kurang kan :D

Tapi now, the level of LDR I am in is so much tougher..The test given are getting absurd. That made us realize Allah's plan for us is beyond imagination. We thought this is it. The toughest test is probably this. LDM, 600km apart, once a month, 2 nights, thousands of ringgit for transportation monthly. However, that is not just it. Hubby is now sent to Jakarta for outstation for 6 months. When I heard the news, I felt numb. You know why?Because I am trying to fill up the battery of 'kesabaran' immediately. I know there is no use of what?crying?nothing can be changed. We chose this path and there is no way of turning back. We have to finish what we have started. After all, it's for his own good. He is too young to live just for love. I then, let him go. From waiting period of one month, now, 6 month. Which means, I have to melipatkaligandakan kesabaran and kekuatan for 6 times when in truth, I don't have both anymore.

I was called to write on my version of LDR after reading one of my dear friend on tips for LDR. Read it!it was indeed fulfilling :)
I questioned myself why didn't I ever came out with list of tips like that considering my weird relationship with LDR :/
The answer is..I have none. I stayed by him (although not by him) and so does him all because of the four letters; L.O.V.E.

That's for the tips.

Good day!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Maybe the next step to prevent polygamy :P

Situation: Just finished shopping and now resting legs while having ice-creams.

Hubby is looking at the wife who is busy licking the cone ice-cream (the way she just want her ice-cream-with cone)

The wife suddenly feeling uneasy..she can tell that her husband was staring at her and maybe he didn't at all blinking. The wife was having dialogue in her mind..why is he staring at me..if he wants the ice-cream..he know I wouldn't share with him (since she knew very well, the husband eat ice-cream like eating rice. If she hands the ice-cream to the husband that means..she has to buy a new scoop >,<)

Then the husband started to talk..

"I pelik macam mana orang boleh nak kahwin lebih dari 1."

I was like..ok.

"Tengok barang-barang shopping you tu..tu baru sorang bini.."

I was like..first, giggles:D

Can be a shopaholic wife is the next step to prevent polygamy:P

*OMG...I used 'I' instead of 'the wife' at the end of this entry -,-". well, i have to make clear..I composed this as the third person :P believe that?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

7 Eleven

Speaking about 7E..if there's poll asking which konbini (convenient store) is my favourite..I'll definitely vote for you..7E..
You provides me with the most delicious, addictive onigiri..and the cheapest yet oiishi lunchbox ever!>,<

But, I am not going to write about you..dear 7E konbini:P

Anyways, this entry would be about the date of November, seven.

Firstly, I remember this date as the birthday of my estranged friend whom without any clear reason, broke our friendship. Well, happy birthday to her ^_^

Secondly, I remember this date as..the day marking...the first time I ever really ride a bicycle on my own!>,<
To put in a proper sentence, Happy first "reti-naik-beskal" anniversary for me!!yey!!

All thanks to Mr. Kong Weng Sheng..for spending time and energy teaching me like a brother on a cold night of 11/7.

I would never think of writing this post if its not because another tragedy regarding bicycle just happened on 11/7 last Monday =,="
Whereby my bicycle's tyre exploded =,="
Therefore, I consider this date as "Bicycle tragedy day":|

Because I was too shocked, I have to call somebody reliable to save me..
It was again..Mr. Kong Weng Sheng...hehe...
He brought me to a bicycle shop and "helped" me making my purse lighter with new tyre -,-"

And because of that...11/7 also known to me as.."Mr. Kong give me a hand day". Cool huh!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ni Ju Nana sai -__-"

Omaigod...I really don't know what to write >,< It's like idea kering gitu. If I ever have to sit for writing exam..die!>,<
To begin this beautiful November (Japanese likes November due to ..what else..aki i.e. autumn :]), I will write something juga for you ols my beautiful readers..:D
Anyways, I ended October entries with the 'really-not-necessary' announcement about someone's birthday :D keke..

You know...orang biasa likes yours truly doesn't have many significant days to celebrate. 
But...I love celebrations. Therefore, I like to celebrate people's event. Plan and execute. If you have to compare me with a role in the Twilight saga, I am more like Alice:P haha...I connect with her more (no..not Bella..I.just.could.not.get.her..huhu.but oh well, she is the story teller :|)

The thing is..I don't know how to react when the event is organize to celebrate your truly:/ My face will be a total awkward :S 

Furthermore, this year, I was so much ready to have it without the love of my life around..all over again..just after a perfect birthday I had in the previous year :/
The day started with lack of sleep which then lead to unbearable headache in the morning (I rarely had headache that needs painkiller to manage it. But that day T__T)
Then I woke up late realizing I didn't yet throw my domestic garbage (which is about to be the nest of ulats). I literally speeding up packing the garbage and just a few steps away from the door..'pelepek'!!the garbage bag koyak and all the 'urghhh' stuff inside it..(you know) stained the mirror-like-shining hallway >,<

I forgot to mention. It was Monday T__T
The workloads macam...T___T

Tapi tapi..Allah itu maha adil dan mengasihani kan...
Despite of everything, the birthday that I had was indeed wonderful ^_^

Bad start never means bad ending too:) apparently, we usually remember the ending better than the start isn't it? ^_^

The party started with birthday song by that one guy...with soprano voice -__-"  Excuse my mata bengkak >,<

Home made cake by one of the girls. Around the cake written 'Let's enjoy Hiroshima Uni life' :D and then I got busted in fb for having so much life (a.k.a fun) -__-"
Me with my cake..ehe..yes, that was a mandibular tooth:P
*Excuse my oily face..It was already 8p.m yo (cubaan menegakkan benang basah..-__-")

Memang banyak tu je gegirl yang ada kt dept ni -__-" But alhamdulillah...I mix well with them ^_^

Cake distribution...They treated me like 'pincess'.hahaha..

and of course I got the biggest slice:D mashaAllah..sedap gile kot >,< since the day, I crave for chocolate cake..EVERYDAY while I am not a cake person :/ damn I was maybe drugged again >,<

Hiro means huge. and that was written at my cake yang juga hiro:)

Birthday dinner..mashaAllah besar portion >,< Tapi kene paksa juga telan  >,< because somebody is paying for you..

It was already 10. Ex-birthday girl in front of the celebration venue:) Oh, and I was holding my birthday presents:D 
How old am I?

I am not that secretive la..awal-awal I dah mention..sbg tajuk lagi -__-"

Happy birthday for you, you and it belated or in advance :D



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