Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sheldonized me

Since we are an LDM couple..
*I feel sick everytime I have to mention this to people. Kesimpulannye..we have never been a normal couple. Our no. 1 enemy for the whole decade together was and is ..the distance*
Anyway, back to the topic,
since we are an LDM couple, we really value our quality time together. Until today, we are probably one of the most annoying couple for people around us. haha. those newly married kind of annoying :p 
To add to our miserableness, we both are currently working/studying in Japan. One of the country with very few numbers of public holiday. I think it is because of their fondness to their jobs, making them okay with their cuti system. 
Being a typical Malaysian, I had a hard time accepting the fact in the beginning (lol xp) especially when I was already in LDM. 
Usually, it'll be me going to him once every month for one weekend. You read it right. One weekend. 
Why me? Because I'm the student, so, I still have the privilege to 'ponteng' without hurting the pay. Also, I don't have reputation to care. I think you understand what I'm sayin'.
So, one weekend is definitely not enough to feel sick of each other. haha.
That's why we like to jalan-jalan. The two of us travelling together, the best way to spend quality time. Don't you think so?

Sebenarnye, I had once told him, I hate travelling, I hate leaving KL. I can't even imagine myself living in other states! Where is their MidValley *_*
Then he said he will change me once I married him.
And..right now, I have a list of places I'd like to visit. 
I am so crazy of the ideas of travelling around the world. He made me forget about all the fancy handbags, shoes that I had once fond for. Seriously, travelling is now my no.1 interest. 
Don't you think going places is a better investment than a gold-priced handbag? 
Since he opened my eyes on this matter, I have always tell people around me to go somewhere, experience different things, culture, and the most important to see Allah s.w.t 's creation for us. That is also our responsibilities. It'll make you a better muslim. It'll make you more humble of yourself.
In addition to that, husband also taught me, the best thing to bring back after every visits are memories.
I learnt it the hard way. Just recently I embraced it. So, a good quality camera is all that matters. haha..also, your most expensive accessory; i.e. your loved ones :') 

Anyway, golden week is approaching. Kind of most awaited holiday season for Japanese. At this time, usually tickets will be multiple in price, and the roads will be in total congestions. Common scene lah kan?
I can't tell you how many times I asked him to decide on where to go. 
 I always like the idea of going to Tokyo. That's the only time I can have a decent wardrobe shopping. Tokyo hold many western's branded shop which are relatively cheaper than those of Japanese brands. Unfortunately, in Hiroshima city, there aren't many western's branded shop. Hence..
The last thing I could suggest is..wherever that's involved air travelling. The prices are just absurd. 
Actually, I have prepared a list of places for us to go. Not far la..I did researches, put on the proposals. 
Beliau?blergh...showed no interest at all. But he kept telling me..continue my research. Other places please..
Even though I like doing research for this, but if you kept being will feel annoyed and came to the easiest idea; Tokyo! 
As I have already set in my mind, I'm gonna be in Tokyo in this coming golden week (prepared with long tentative)..
last week, he called me from Korea 

"Nak pergi ***** tak Golden week nanti?"
*The place had never came across, never been discussed!It wasn't in my proposals before >,<

I was holding my notebook which is full with scribble of 'yet to do in Tokyo'. 
My reaction?? 

It was exactly like Sheldon's ...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Congratulations Dr. Kong!

He was the one who taught me to ride bicycle more than 2 years ago.
Yea..I only know how to ride a bicycle at the age of 25 T_T
It was so easy!I could ride in 30 minutes! Pity him has to teach a big girl ride a bicycle.
We siap kene chased dengan anjing -__-" Because I was so loud during the lesson probably. The dog had probably feel really really annoyed with my voice >,<
Anyway, Mr. Kong has just graduated. He is now Dr. Kong lah kan :')
He is now appointed as assistant professor in here. A Malaysian.
We are proud of him.

Here's the thing we did to celebrate his big achievement.

We had really good time, picnicking by the river. The ambiance was just right.
The music by the street musicians, the spot we had. Actually, just next to us, down the stairs there was a pair of husband and wife practising on their ukulele  We just had fun talking while they were playing! What a perfect scene! I secretly wished I was picnicking with hubby instead:') Totally miss him.
As you can see in the video, it is sakura season.
Unfortunately, last weekend, it wasn't yet mangkai (full bloom).
Maybe this weekend would be the peak. 
Nevertheless, Hiroshima is all season, beautiful:)

Dear now-Dr. Kong;
All the best in your future undertakings!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tunggu sekejap..

Another reason I don't favour husband's posting overseas is..
he will tend to get stress coz the workloads are usually triple in amount.
The aftermath, the time he'll have for me will be limited, and..I don't have the privilege to complaint..
cause..sebaik sahaja we start skyping..he'll go first telling me about how terrible his day was, 
giving hint that my nagging which is about to start..has to be put on hold, or just cancel if I plan of doing it.
And the rest of the night, I have to tenung wajah kesayangan hamba yang berkerut buat kerja.
I know he is not happy with the workloads too, what can a wife do?
Although my angin lintang is especially strong during his long absence, I can't release the kraken la..
I have to be all sweet and supportive ok? We have to not make things worst.

But, I'm not all the time angelic.
Although I will be all nice, and patience on the weekdays, but I expect him to repay my 'kindness' on the weekend, I know he will have a day break. hewhew..
But this time was different. Maybe because he has to go alone this time, 
so, every work he has to do by himself. 
He also working on that Sunday, the day I woke up, expecting a full time husband...
despite of him just stay in my monitor T_T
So, he woke me up, so cheerful and..said.."I've some work to do."
So, I told myself, it's ok, i've been waiting for days, it wouldn't hurt to wait 1 or 2 hours..
2 hours passed
He was still berkerutan..
I fell asleep..
I woke up...
He went out for lunch..
I wait again..
He's back!
"I have to finish this a little bit more..ok?"
I fell asleep again.
I woke up..he's still in front of monitor.
I reach out for a pack of chocolate (they are just everywhere around me) and said..
"I nak merajuk la" with eyes half opened munching on the white day's chocolate.
And I meant it.
He answered, "Tunggu jap. Jangan merajuk dulu" "Jap jap.."Kejap...seminit.." "Ok..sikit lagi."
And that time I was a little mamai..and when he said tunggu sekejap, jangan merajuk lagi..
I was stunned (I remember, my action was literally stop when he said it).
It's like I just obey and nod??
I can't believe myself..I was like being hypnotized!
 How he did this to me?

Is it because..he's actually a French?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Teatime order menu

perfect combination for a Sunday evening tea time <3

can I have an add on?

I want...

Him :')




Saturday, March 23, 2013

Isteri tukang jahit.

During my student year, not the uni one, when there's a long holiday, I will try doing many things so I don't feel bored. Plus, I can't stand mystery. So, everything that I find curious, I want to get the answer myself.
Mystery in here means should I put it?
For example, I always curious how does it feel of driving? How can people find courage and how finally one can drive? Something like that. That time, I was so curious to try...sewing and crafting!
You know, no one in my family understands what I was doing. But I remember every cloth I used for my sewing project was from my own. Usually I'll use the pants materials to sew pouch and phone case. I also make pencil box out of my baju kurung. All because I don't want to ask money from my parents. All the pocket money I have, I had it spent to buy the sewing kit.
Although I finally had them in shape, they did not look special. Particularly, due to them originating from old cloth. Then I tried to 'beautify' them by patching and embroidery. Mostly I did embroidery because the process made me focus, and I'll forget the trouble I might be having:) I made many cases for my family members and that time I was happy whenever they say 'cantik' and get their old case/pouch replaced with mine:)
No one taught me all that. I just did with trial and error. So, until today, I don't really know the right way to do it.
It's been a long time since I last sew.
Until, I got married.
Boys, they always tore their pants!

How can I live away from you anymore? :'(

Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome baby Sara!

Look at how adorable she is..
Introducing baby Sara. 
Anyway, she is a Cambodian baby. Yes, not my baby (like so many people congratulating me in facebook. Please the captions before commenting. You just hurt my feelings).
Her name is Sara....*insert sanskrit word here*. I could only catch Sara. And that's her calling name too. In sanskrit, Sara means gold tree! Anyhow, you are so adorable little Sara:)

Flower giving ceremony. yea..when somebody who is so annoying came to visit..haha

The new mummy..busy feeding little Sara :') 
Dear Allah,
when is my turn?:')

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Seoul searching

Husband is now in Seoul. He has been going there back and forth since beginning this year. Some people might be questioning what's the fuss about him going overseas? It's not like we are living together and is he's going away will make so much difference!?
Trust me, it makes a whole lot more..depressing. Especially when both of us don't have the authority to determine our schedule anyomore >,<
Anyway, husband keeps asking me what do I want. Like many times.
I can't think of anything.
Attires? He doesn't like me in Korean baju.
Make-up? I'm not a make-up person. I only apply basic make-up which are all Japan's made :D
Last time he brought back loads of sweets. How much could I eat? I ended up distributing them in my dept. :p shh..don't tell him :p
So, this time,what should I tell him to get for me? dear K-pop fans? :D
Nami Island, July 2012 <3

Toyohashian Soubetsukai 2013

I am both Hiroshimaian as well as Toyohashian. Because of that..I never really can commit to any parties.
For example let's say..this week there's an activity going on in Hiroshima (which is usually done in Saijou, where the main campus is located and mind you, that is far from where I live.) but most of the time I could not come due to commitment to my long distance marriage. If that was not the cause, I am stuck in the lab (to compensate the days I have to ponteng due to again..long distance). So, that's my dilemma la..
If there's anything in Toyohashi pula, we will be usually in rush!Coz we only managed to see each other occasionally, there are so many things to catch up. Me? I have to prepare his meals for week. So, I am really busy. Most of the time, I could not bring any potluck due to time constraint. Gomenne T_T 
Anyway, last weekend, Toyohashi Soubetsukai (farewell party) was held. I have already planned what to bring, but Allah's knows best, I could not make it due to miscommunication pula. I thought it'll be later of the day, turn out no. Tak ada rezeki yours truly nak bersedekah lagi T_T

Compare to last year, this year's event was held more sederhana. More to like, makan-makan biasa except, the celebrity of the night were looking great!!Must be happy of them, finally the journey is over. I hope they are much aware that the real journey is just about to start. The fun is actually has come to an end. Nevertheless, I am happy for them :) Muda-muda nya semua. I feel really old to be amongst them >,< huh!
As long as Aiman is around, everybody will get entertained. Pretty boy isn't he? Very baik tau. Nobody can resist him la for sure>,<

With the celebrated adik-adik. Mude gile derang nih. huh >,<

Toyohashian Girls. 

So many people are leaving especially girls. sigh..
Probably, we will join them too..InshaAllah..

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Men are from Mars..

I was so serious in starting a life under one roof with him.
I even came out with a detail plan of what to do every month until the day that I finally leave this city to finally live together as husband and wife as it meant to be.
To list pros and cons between Hiroshima and Toyohashi, the only pros Toyohashi has husband live there. Hiroshima beat Toyohashi in many ways to be honest. I don't know if it's because I live here most of the day, so I found comfort in here more than in Toyohashi. But, I'm not kidding, this city is breathtaking and so peaceful.
So, I started slow. I proposed for our house to have a sofa coz I always found myself in bed. Because I am not comfortable reading, watching TV while sitting on the floor. How can you do that for the whole 2 hour movie? right? But, that was just a proposal. We don't have to get that so soon. 
I request for him to throw away as many things as possible. I consider him a mild hoarders? He likes to keep things!arghhh >,< I don't know how many times I made him throw away his collections of speakers. Can you imagine he's been keeping many kinds of speakers at every possible storage area in that tiny Japanese house?  
*don't try to question about my wardrobe collection okeh!*

Anyway, I listed a few things we should get so that I can turn the house like a home. 
I was surprised because he did not at all disagrees to the proposal. He was instead..excited to go find them like at the very moment. I can see he is also can't wait to be with me in the same house, that he would do anything to make me happy :')
Yea..probably only part of his eyes..another reason for his excitement was..because the second hand shop around was having a bargain :| well, whatever it is, I consider that as rezeki:)

I don't know if it's just my husband, but I think most men are very good at bargaining. So, we finally get a very cheap sofa. Verry cheap! Alhamdulillah..but I need a sofa cover. And it costs us 5x the price of the sofa itself. I pay quarter part ok. I'm not that mean la :'D 
Besides sofa, I finally get all the racks you need to organize the kitchen. Husband is also very kind buying me everything I need so that I enjoy my cooking time. I cannot any more stressing you on this lady, buy cooking utensils that you like, so that you enjoy your cooking experience. When you happy, the whole family will be happy too! I can't thank husband enough for not interrogating me on this one :') 

The only thing I lack was..a steamer. I know right??how can I live without one??ahaha..It's not easy.
I tried so many ways from you tube, but it wasn't as simple as..having one. lol xp
So, this one day husband went to the second hand shop to find a paper shredder that he has been longing for for so long. He has been surveying for 3 months for it. yes, a paper shredder. Don't ask me on how long he is surveying for a car or a TV. You do the extrapolation yourself >,<
I mentioned before the shop is having a mad sale for clearance. Everything are so cheap, and that's also including paper shredders. the selections..are not many if according to his long list of favorable (!) shredder.
I felt like forever inside the shop listening at his dilemma of choosing the best shredder. I am now so pakar in selecting shredder. I don't have the privilege to make faces, cause according to will make him stress even more and cannot decide :| I finally have to transform myself to an incredible hulk. Giving him the final say. haha..sometimes, this guy ha..he wanted to hear it from us, woman. It's not like he doesn't know that I only use my brain for study. Not shopping. gosh >,< 
Ok, now is the final step..interrogation. The salesperson would have to face him. I always purposely leave the scene. My husband made the person to test in front of him, shred many kinds of papers and even learn the trick to clean any kesan-kesan gam on furnitures or anything. Usually, at the end of the process, the person could be his friends know..somebody that the kedai do not welcome. haha.

Interrogation took so long. The salesperson has to like disassemble the thing to answer whatever question husband is having. sigh..
I got bored. So, I went around the kedai and I found a wide range of..steamer! and they!yey!!
My hand (yea..brain wasn't working at time like this) immediately grabbed one that I like (of course Tefal :')).
And I came back to husband and the salesperson with the sweetest smile of that day. The salesperson look at me and laugh. haha..
Husband was

Excuse my fashion disaster.
Anyway, I can say my kitchen and house are now complete with basic things I need for it to be like home.
All that is left to do is for me to move in..permanently.
I am so happy for the whole week coz the house...feels more like home!
Until..on Friday, I got an e-mail that we will possibly need to move to Hiroshima instead. sigh..

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The last time I have like some sort of emotional break down was..5 weeks after husband sent me away to Hiroshima. The deal was, I will have to cross this country to go back to him once in a month for the longest of 3 nights. So, I came home after being separated from him for 5 weeks, and that time we have just got married. I was supposed to be staying for a few days, but instead, I stayed for a week. My husband had to arrange many things to be able me to stay :') I'm a typical princess wannabe female. Deep down, all I want in life is to live happily ever after with my prince charming. Forget that I have responsibility to my family and ummah. I wish I can be less lenient on myself on this matter. I want to enjoy life, but in a hard way I guess. Life is too short. I want to live my life to the fullest. 

Last week I did it again. But this time, my absent was carefully..and professionally engineered engineer..that is my husband! >,< The difference is..this time, it wasn't me who had the break was the engineer who engineered my disappearance for 12 days! And the victim of the crime..was happy to follow the plan :') hahahaha!!I am so so so happy! 
I had my ultimate girlish time ever! With so many bribes by the engineer who engineered my disappearance (short: EWEMD). He bought me anything that I want (even I'm just saying). Can't you see how chronic he was??
Gosh..this one time I said I need a crocs, and he bought me two! (without interrogating me and the salesperson like he always did).
I dragged him to 5 cake shops to buy my baking stuff and he did not try to change my mind!:') And my mission to bake as many as possible just partially successful due know..I never think about how the product would be consumed. So, I had to stop baking after I made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting coz..the portion of the cake is quite huge and EWEMD does not like carrot cake >,< why la..sedap kan?? The carrot cake was made on Tuesday..Can you imagine how depressed I was the remaining of the week?
It's okay, after this I can bake without having to come out with various reasons to make him drive me to the cake shop.
Chocolate bread pudding
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin. 

The scrumptious Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

The time I really think EWEMD is in chronic condition was when..he bought me a branded handbag without interrogating me like a criminal in prior to buying. our husbands used to do >,< 
I was like..what??I even offer to pay that myself, but he seems like not listening (the trick slowly?lol xp).

Anyway, the point is..he was in terrible condition after coming back from Korea. He is posted there back and forth for now. Every posting could last for 3 weeks. In fact, now he is assigned for Taiwan and Korea. I will only get to see him in April. I wanna feel pity for him, but I know, he is happy chasing his dreams and learning new things everyday. He is happy, so I am happy.for.him. I am still husband-sick!

Loads of Korea's souvenir for his wife:) *anyway, actually lagi banyak..tapi beliau dah telan T_T*
The EWEMD I just described:') 

And omaigod!!!being a housewife is so nice!It's even nicer when you have child I guess :') 
I was having a great time, that everyday feels like very short. In the morning, I prepared breakfast, after he left for work, I will make a cup of coffee and a slice of whatever cake I have in the fridge and do my work while curling in selimut on our newly bought sofa! (yes, you read it right, I even made him bought a sofa for our house. And he did not think twice. Maigad!!I almost made him bought me a bicycle..and I changed my mind when he was about to pay).When I feel tired and sleepy, I will do work out out and re-arranging stuff which I never had time to do for the house. I'll feel satisfied everytime I managed to clean 1 corner of the house and transform it to look more like...a home. When I feel happy, I'll feel more energetic to continue with my study. After Asar, I will start cooking. Best kan? I'm officially jealous of the house maker >,< arghh!
Bagel night!And at 10, I was crying of hunger >,<

Nasi tomato...was not the hightlight. I just unwrapped my noritake couple set :') Nasi tomato tu tak sedap pon..sebab makan atas noritake terus rasa nasi tomato chef wan :') air kosong jadi air sprite :'))

Soto! (just to find reason nak makan dalam bowl pula :'))

Soto and kuah kacang for his colleague.

His favourite breakfast! Homemade nuggets!

All I can say is..everyday of the past week are sure memorable.
I'm looking forward to do this..forever.


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