Wednesday, March 31, 2010

material issue


The one n only thing I consistently have in mind..and keep worrying over n over again. I think I will stop thinking about it is when d tailor has started their work!Until then, I will repeatedly change my design T-T Girls got a lot of things we alwiz have our attention on (we kan ade 9 nafsu..) For me, i love baju. i love dressing up. I think 'him' knows this best. If you give me option: a free lunch o free dress, i definitely pick up dress=p haha.. even wedding day, cannot stop my lust for dresses T-T (I cannot 'puase' shoping baju just for d wedding..i've tried..but i cannot T_T) . So, I hope with this short intro, you guys will get to understand how hysterical I will b if it involves d dress that I wud put on esp. on MY WEDDING.

The word dare doesn't suit, but I love to be different. So, I dont think I will be happily sarung je any baju kebaye lacey2 on me. For now, Im thinking of goddess satin this one:

But, u see..satin will revealed all ur weakness..err..shall i passed??



  1. xpaham la. knp satin reveal weakness? sbb die berkilat ke?

  2. takla..sbb if u got extra bumps anywhere, mmg stret detect..

  3. haha. use the satin only on the bottom part je la. buat kaen je.

  4. boyan..aku juge seperti kamu, dream a wedding dress in fully satin and maybe a little bit of sequine at the waist, since i have no unwanted bumps to be reveal..LOL
    serabut tgok lacey lacey dress oso the songket..belum pakai dah rase panas..ish mcm kene carik yg mate biru or kelabu jer pulak pas nih..hahaha



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