Friday, March 26, 2010

wedding package-ep.2


Huaarrgghh!!!ngantuknye.. T_T (side effects of correcting thesis)
oh, lets start! To those who may concern, I have decided to keep this blog.haha..even it might not well updated..but this activity is fun though..especially to spend ur mental-blocked moment;p

These past few days, many people had surprised me. I though I just have three followers=p but it seems like I have bunches of friend whose secretly followed my blog..hahah..(padehal takde pape pon dlm blog ni=p).So, they insisted for me to update my blog. The one that suprised me the most BF!!!who persistently insulting me on my writing T_T. Who cares!!=|
Sampai mane ye stop haritu??err....oh!the cheap wedding package that I have already paid for=p

Ok.The next day, my friend whose really care about my wedding asked me about the prep.And I told her that I have stop searching for the boutique since I have already found one. I showed her d baju..n she, whom I knew as a very kindhearted person, said this "Buroknye...." (The night befor my Bf reaction pulak "ni jubah ke??" T_T). So, I think two testimony are enuf make me embrace d fact that d baju really is..burok=|Below is d baju =p
My frens whose being complaining about the baju called for emergency meeting d next day (mission to save my wedding)..haha..We sit n draw d wedding dress that we all love n of course will suits me well (of course d drawing of Afirah is d most precious=p)..After we all failed to put d baju together on a piece of paper (the paper happened to be a receipt..haha)..we moved to kedai buku that we can refer to wedding magazines for free..hihi
After half an hour, we got the picture!yey!

Afirah: Jom la teros pegi SemuaHouseMe: Ok!
(otw to Ikea's parking....)
Afirah: Try masok kedai tu (Ade kedai baju pengantin kt LG Ikea)
Me: (dah ade dlm kedai pon=p)

I can't remember d name of d kedai..but d baju most of it lawa..but still d typical malay wedding dresses.SO,I ask d kakak whether they have d kind of dress that 'we' want. Tak sempat abes elaborate d kakak said she knows what I want n refer me to d headquarter kt Semua House=p

We then went to the 'headquarter' immediately. The name of the kedai is fotome studio. The baju is so lawa2..n kakak kaunter pon so baik melayan..d baju of my size...oh my god...really d banyak..d most important..they have d exact baju yang 'we' have imagined=p Im so excited!!!! d baju was my size!!!haha..but its all white=| I love it..really but I dont think my other family member will agree to that.

Me: Nk sewa ni berapa??
Kakak Fotome: Rm1200
Me: Takde kale ****** (rahsie=p) ke??
Kakak Fotome: xdela kite bole buat baru..rm1000
Kesimpulan-->baik buat baru=| haha..
Then I tanpe fikir panjang..paid d deposit (again..) so I think I have paid deposit everywhere T_T
Eh..belum selesai lg about my baju (let alone everything else..)..
Up until now, this baju has also been cancelled by me..the reason being...will tell u guys in d next post;)

Take care,


  1. Naseb baek bukan aku yang describe burok itu. hahaha. Oit. Your bf baca erk this blog? Cute! haha

    Go Queen W go!! hahaha

  2. SCR!!haha
    yep, my bf bace..sebok je kan??=| xleh nak ngumpat ar ini mcm!
    oh, thnx for ur support;)

  3. QW, kenapa baju yang u pakai tu nampak macam longgar je? memang longgar ke?



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