Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome note!

Salam Semua!
Fuh...Its so hard to think of blog's name. Finally, I got one. But, I typed it differently. Surprisingly, it turned out pretty well. No duplicate and it does suits my personality.haha..

Idea to start a blog came from an old fren of mine whos also got a blog. A very pretty one. You all can visit hers . And later, she introduced me to a few of others whos talking about wedding prep like and Apparently, most of the blogs' owner turned out to be my old2 friends. Some of them are so dingin-looking in person. But, they are so like a star in d blog. I felt like they are so attractive using their words of elaboration. So, blog does tell me: DOnt' judge the book by its cover=p haha..

A few years back, I have once talking to my bf about starting a blog as I saw a sort of idol of mine having a very big circle of frens through blog. But, having to know of my limitation of talent to work with computer and also my short of ideas in writing, he told me to not doing this. It is true though.. (I got 5.0 in my IELTS writing test T-T)

To start a blog, I have to read some of the post. I wonder what they put in d blog ar??After nights of browsing n reading n being impressed, i think they put almost everything (not almost..i mean everything =|). But for me, I will only put d one that I think will not exposed to much of myself as it is who I am (quite secretive=p). For now, I will put more post about my 'big day' which is coming in 4 months time. Eh, I should tell you alls about how finally i got this blog la T_T (see..thats y i got 5.0 for so suck at flows of ideas)

To make this story short..I finally realy2 decided to have one after reading one entry in sab's...haha
I dont want to forget all the journeys I will go through for this big day. But as for me, not just my big day I will keep. But others too. So, I think I should better stop here ( introduction are soo hampes T_T).

Lov, Queen W;)

1 comment:

  1. cececeh...malu I u mention I kat cni. hahaha XD

    Good job for opening a blog. ^_^

    pas kawen bleh cite pasal life kat japan plak erk. ^_*



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