Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Salam guys n gurls (shockingly, yes!there are bunches of guys visiting my blog=p)

Songket?Not once i dreamed on wearing them. Its probably due to my typical metropolitan ladies cahracters kot=p haha...would like to have a touch of westerners in my dress n so on..bla2..but tht was before I started my journey to wedding dress's house.

There's total of 20 wedding dress boutique I have visited. None of them have attracted me to even touch the songket collection. One reason is of course, the size. Second one, they weren't that attractive in my eyes. nevermind to put them on me=( This situation continued untial my visit to Fotome in Semua House (Level U5). They really got a lot of baju..semua nye very d beautiful.. most of them are my size=) haha..

This kedai has finally changed my perseption towards songket. See what I have tried on=)
Its not bad at all..there's a lot more hanging in their kedai. Go test guys!oh, they are always open for new tempahan. No due date one=) oh how I wish this one came with my theme colour T_T..

Till then,


  1. fotome...the link salah kot..hari tu try click tapi pergi kat website laen. Tapi ada gak few times baca blog orang diorang cakap pasal butik ni bagus. ^_^

  2. haha..yes..i guess d link incorrect to!sbb i men ingat2 je mase letak=p haha..update later=p



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