Friday, March 19, 2010

xoxo follower

ehem2....welcome to my blog!!!!(I said this with 'normal' volume of my voice..) to Fifi!! for being the first follower without force=p haha..oh, u alwiz being a very good fren to me. I hope ur other gud frens see U like I see u=p
So, as a token of appreciation, I'll put ur link straight d spot..without any payment..haha (padehal br blaja td..nk jugak try)--> click here. Go visit guys! (err...bakal2 followers T_T) lots of recipes in there.confirm!haha..

xoxo Queen W


  1. alooo...aku dah jadi ko nyer pengikut...hahaha

  2. ahahaha..oh,oh, tonite i'll post something dedicated to u plak eh...grin*

  3. recipe la...just me babbling about can only imagine how it taste...imagine jek...hahaha...



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