Friday, March 19, 2010

wedding package-ep.1

Hello Ladies!
I am sooo sleepy right now.But its too early to actually go to bed. Since I've planned to post about the wedding package tonite, I'll fight my heavy eyes.haha
Oh well, lets start with my first step of everything.

Soon after I got my wedding dates (after all d family arguments n my bf's karenah..) me n my sis have went around Shah Alam (Alam Sentral and Plaza Masalam) looking for wedding package thats not pricey yet cute (as i think all of my frens are gosipping about my cute-to-b wedding ceremony;p). Turned out, all of their package was kind of d same..they were like pakat2 pulak..(even one of d kedai said..they really are pakat2..wth la..nk bisnes ke xmo ni??!!). First we had discovered is about the price, not so distinctive between each kedai. Second one, they dont have ready-made dress of my size T_T (m i too small n isolated in sizeT_T). My sister said thats maybe the reason y they were like nak tanak entertain me (plus i was wearing a very selekeh baju dudok rumah..i dont care!=|). Okay, fine!U will al lost a very d very good customer (cz i am very d very takpandai negotiate its their lost!)

In Plaza Masalam also they dont have my size. But, U guys have to know that U can actually ask them to make a new dress according to your size n u rent with extra charge. However, in my case, I did bring my design. but they didnt agree to make any coz my design was too simple (simple means less beads n mannequins and they said Malay bride wont rent that later.n they said it arrogantly, oK!).
Another problem that i have encountered was pelamin. I have pelamin of my dream.again, its plain, no flowers at every spaces. The design was not yet a problem at first, but the price was quite a surprise. i didnt know that pelamin dewan n rumah are different. Pelamin for dewan is wayyy expensive than rumah. So, if you guys will hav reception in dewan, u better put extra budget for the pelamin alone. The cheapest I got was rm1200. But d design was the old one (with kain kilat2, n rangke2 besi tu). For pelamin yang block2 like nowadays punye trend, U have to spend a lot more than that just to get d plain one. so, here my lari bugdet.
That day, very late, I headed home with theories that:
1-I will neva be able to pull out a very stunning wedding like all my frens has expected
2-I will never be able to save my money from spending over custom-made baju (since d ready made is so burok n besa)
3-I will look like a bride in masquerade (cz make-up artist all I met that day
4-Pelamin up-to-date:not in d list=|

The next day, I woke up with a new energy n mind set. I told my sister, lets change the theme (my original theme would b a secret=p). So, that day, I have decided to pull out a classic malay wedding. This theme will suit the old design pelamin. So, I will have reason to use that kind of pelamin..hehe..n of course, my baju could not b d one that I hv in mind=( We went to a boutique here..very near to my house. Its our last resort if I couldnt get any cz they usually giv a very cheap price, plus their barang are old n buruks ready. I was really heart broken to step into d kedai. But I keep my spirit positive all d time. The baju were all sadis..not my taste will all d beadings n colours..
However, it was one pair that has caught my eye. That's d only one. It's by force though=( Its about my size (it needs a major renovation T_T) The package was quite cheap..really save me a lot of money! Becz of I was shocked wit d price, then I agreed (with d baju looks like jubah pakistan-My bf said T_T-i'll upload d gambar of d baju later.haha) to take their package. I was so dumb n blur n heart broken-paid for d deposit T-T

But wait!this is not d end of d story..basically, the theme has changed again so far!tell u in d next post;p



  1. wani ko try tgk makeup artist ayang kamell...ada dlm facebook...aku suka tgk dia makeup...

  2. Darling,

    I have one makeup artist (bukan mak andam ye) yang quite good and cheap. If u interested do roger me in fb ok? ^_*

    Then if u are going for classical bride, visit Salikin Sidik. I went to his shop in Ampang Park yesterday, and the price is quite affordable. And he's good at making a classic attire. Sangat classic. okeh. Hehe.

    Hope this will help ya ok?

  3. identity supposed to b a secret la=p haha
    oh, SCR I have to check make up artist d one yg my future MIL recommend.if x bekenn, i check on urs. Salikin Sidek, i dh cross la..I did discuss with him.but, d price is not worth it!
    p/s:thank u guys for all d ideas..i will check on them;)



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