Friday, March 26, 2010

wedding package-ep.3

Salam semue (3 org je rasenye...haha)!!

I think my decision not to delete this blog is gud la..suddenly I got a lot of times to write in here (I just finished my thesis correction=p) Alhamdulillah...(but there are a lot of parts yet to be corrected..but hv to wait for my supervisor to passed it to me..d one that I have finished is the clinical part only T_T)

I would like to write more about my 'extraordinary journey' to search for a wedding package that's worth it and most importantly it shud be all be pretty at my eyes. As far s I have seen during my journey for d wedding package, I have encountered many mak andam. Most of them are nice, but some were snobbish!menyampah sunggoh! (kalau ikotkan hati ni..mau je letak name mak andam tu kt nnt mcm menutup pintu rezeki die pulak..If u guys wanna know, do emel me k=p)

In my previous post, I have stated that d thing that will take most of ur saving will b pelamin. I mean, it takes a lot if money because you will not gona get it back!haha..
I have convinced my self (at least it worked for 2 days..) to just use ordinary pelamin..My mom, sister all have agreed to just use whateva pelamin that I can afford of. Then, for 2 days I decided to just close my eyes n go on with d package that I have paid for.

One Sunday, I went to play squash at Putrajaya. The squash court happened to be just beside dewan org kawen..haha..I saw the pelamin from afar (from d arch). It was sooo is not that grand like we alwiz see in d mag!But, its soo pretty (maybe its because of its not ordinary like mine will T_T).It then made me realized that d majlis will look splendid only with how ur pelamin looks like. And...there you go!I've changed my mind again!=| When I got back home, I googled all d bookmarks that I have saved=( Then, my friend, Fara buzzed me.hehe

She actually came into rescue at that time. She gave me a link to fp of her fren's wedding boutique. The boutique is new. But it does offer u a wide range of pelamin with so many designs to choose from. The most important, all of them are cute!n affordable. So, if you guys are looking for cute, up-to-date and unique pelamin, u guys shud pay this boutique a visit. But first, you guys can check their collection in here. Not all of their collections in d fp. I found a lot more during my visit there=) Hmm..after d visit, there was a 'but' again for me. I am not satisfied with their wedding dress collection. Plus, they refused to make a new one for me T_T. So, that's enuf for me to decide not to take them.

Again, I was at d dead end='(

So, my advice here. For you guys out there, it is true that for people like us (who are not rich), we have to be extra rajin. We have to really put more of our time in doing the surveying. Or else, u'll end up like me..paying every kedai deposit T_T.

I guess there'll b a new episode coming up on this label=p See u soon!

Take care,


  1. Queen W,

    Just take the pelamin la from them. Then untuk baju buat kat butik laen. It's ok to do something like that. Kadang-kadang, certain butik specialized in one thing je. So to be careful, if u berkenan pelamin kat butik tu, just take their pelamin. okay? ^_*
    hope that'll help.

  2. thanks 4 d idea..
    but of course i did thinking of that..haha
    but since now, everything has,this wedding galore pelamin is no more in my list;)

  3. OMG. haha.
    U should finalized things already. It's less than 6 months now. heeee. Good luck with ur new theme. hehe



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