Friday, March 19, 2010

To Ms. C in her fantasyland;p

Hi viewers!haha..again, third entry of d day..(almaklumlahh..byk mase n freshies;p)
There's something I forgot to mentioned as for the history of my blog opening=p But I would like to start with a story of a girl..which was actually popular..but i dont think she actually notice it.

I first knew this girl back in my Sekolah Rendah Agama (but I forgot my SRA name in d full;?). I was in 6A and she's one next to me kot.But I bet she neva knew my existence during that time kot. Among all my frens, I was like a black sheep. I was from another 'Sekolah Kebangsaan' (which is so far away from d SRA) while all of them were from the same school as 'this girl'. Lemme named her 'C' (OMG, its her So, me who hardly knew people in the SRA was told a lot of stories about 'C'. But what I could conclude during that time was...diorang ni mesti dengki ngan 'C'.haha..Until I finish SRA, we neva ever talked or glance to each other.

Fate, has then introduced me to her not long after that. It was our form one. She was then my classmate and quickly became my bestfren. We have click back in 1 anggerik. When we now grew up, honestly, I can only talk eye to eye n can listen without feeling annoyed only with her. I can only see one reason to that. i think, we grew up n matured together in d same way. I hope we both will b success in our own way in years to come.

And fate also has open C's and my heart to start a blog.haha...the same night, but different situation. I hope u'll find ur prince charming soon. Don't be too fussy, hunny. U'll find spontaneous is more like it;)

Lastly, welcome to my blog!haha..

Take care,
Queen W

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