Wednesday, March 31, 2010

sekufu ke?

Salam readers!

Today, genap 4 months until d day. To be honest, i still feeling numb. Its still an everyday plain feeling. Prep?not as I can see by my naked eyes (nevermind others)=p (oh, I am a last minute takkan la my own wedding prep pon nk las minute juge T_T) . Maybe this is because of my attention is mostly on my thesis which currently still hanging. I just got 4 pages of correction from my supervisor (out of 150 and there's max 2 weeks left!). I am soo soo dead!But, I know I can do it. I just can. Sometimes I wonder, how I got this adrenaline??it works so well at the time of strained=)

I have less talked to my 'sayang' (oh, I am not used tell our love life=p so, i will called him 'him' haha..(later i change if it happens i got a nicer call for 'him'=p). This is because I was so busy with my sister's engagemen prep. Ok, this is another weird story. haha..I was dipinang last year. My whole family pon dh kenal kewujudan my 'him' since I was er..19.haha..(so young dh ade stay bf=p) My sister plak, shes been having bad relationships a few times and I was really feeling sorry for her. But sometimes, I felt like somehow, part of it its her fault since she's looking qualities in men that will not giving her happiness in the inside. My sister's taste basically revolve around physical quality je. But thats what in my thoughts la..I still have faith in whatever my sister is doing.

2 weeks ago, in d midst of everybody talking about how near my E-day is approaching, my sister made an announcement. That she's gona get married earlier than me. That's really a shock for everybody. But I am so happy cz finally her 5 years bf has somehow made up his mind (of consistently thinking of buying expensive stuff!). My mother almost got a heartattack when my sister said, its not H (her current bf)..its F (who??!!). I still hugged her even so=)

So, here I am doing all d hantarans for my sister. Its a gud thing though as I can experimenting using hers one.haha..N I found that I am actually gud at decorating=p My sister's theme will b pink cz she said she loves pink n she would like to wear pink dress on her E-day cz she wont be able to wear any pink later (the guy's skin really cannot get along with pink=p) she's actually got a strong reason in color selection.

Suddenly my sister's e-day came ahead before mine. But that's ok. I personally wish for this to happen. She's putus tunang once (that one also, I wish for that to happen=p the guy was psycho..I just cannot talk to him...) mom said he n my sister was not 'sekufu', then they always get into fight. I still remember one conversation between him n my sister (tgh gaduh jugak ni);
x-fiance:awak kt mane?
sister: anta adik g kedai tailor
x-fiance:die nk buat ape?
sister: mind your own business
x-fiance: buat bisness ape lagi??duit byk2 bukan boleh bawak masok kubor..


wth laa this kind of man..he once said me, doing masters is a waste cz my masters even Phd tak menjamin kebahagiaan di akhirat...=|

adeh, mcm mengumpat dlm blog pulak..but d point is..find a man...which is 'sekufu' with us. The meaning of sekufu in islam is deep. sometimes it was defined differently. In BM we'll just said setaraf. Some said setaraf means if d girl has bachelor, the guy shud also has bachelor. BUt I know, deep down we know that thats not necessarily the case. 'setaraf' is not just about ur brain capacity, but there's a lot more including ur inside (what u got in ur heart). In my sister's case, this is a typical example of non-sekufu. But, its so obvious since the guy was not highly educated. I didn't said that education level is the parameter for sekufu, but in my sister's case, it is. The guy cannot understand how my sister thinks and they are just from different pole. However, back to love, if there's love there's always a way =)

p/s: Would like to personally express my sorry to 'him' as I have abandoned u for the past few days=p

Blogger whose got so much time to update=p


  1. Seriously? your sister'll get engaged before u? and when's her nikah? nanti kesian plak ur mom's frens nak datang majlis 2x setahun. T_T

    anyway, congrats to ur sister n u. ^_^

  2. the future MIL originally requested for d majlis to be on in July..But my day have been planned like a year ago.So, my sis big day will be on nuyer=)



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